Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sakura pixes.

These are some pictures I took some years ago. I'm just so missing Japan. Like, every time there are so much stuff to be done in the laboratory, I would always say stuff like "I want to go back to Japan." LOL. My co-intern actually copied that line of mine and said it to me.  

Thank goodness for phone cameras. They really come handy. It wasn't even like a smart phone or so but yeah pictures in general never fails to bring back good memories. Or even bad memories. 

Since I don't really have anything to do, I usually ride my bike and stuff. And so I took these pictures of Sakura. I believe I was with my sister Mika this time. My looks haven't changed much, yeah?

So much love! This was taken few years back as well and it was in some province where my dad's closest friend lives. So yeah, we usually go there to visit and give them gifts from the Philippines. I actually love that there's that mix colored SAKURA. I believe the tree is owned by someone though. Sorry for trespassing. 

From this on, pictures are from my "so called decent" camera.  Actually, not much difference. LOL.

Or maybe it's because of the focusing and stuff like that. 

Maybe I NEED a new camera. Maybe not. Maybe. Oh wells. Oh, and in case you're wondering, I actually used a filter on these photos. It's called "DUSK" and it's from an online editing app whatsoever. 

The photo below is unedited however.

Yokohama love.

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