Thursday, 17 May 2012

Snap it RED.

Basically, this is a post about my cameras. Nowadays, I use my iPhone's camera for taking pictures. I am not a fan of iPhone's camera though. It's not very reliable in taking really nice photos. I might blog about it sometime in the future but for now, my CAMERAS first! :)

The first ever digital camera I got was a Canon PowerShot A480. Here's how mine looks like.

The money I used to buy this camera was partly mine - partly mom's so it's really kind of special. I rarely use it now though because I don't have a rechargeable battery charger which I probably should buy by this time but yeah. It uses that double AA battery thingy and when I want to use it, I usually buy that non rechargeable type. Which I find expensive at times.

The second camera I got was a Fujifilm Finepix in pink. But I already gave that to my sister so I don't have an actual photo of it. But here's how it looks like.

It takes alright photos plus it's really super cute! So I thought my sister would really like it. This I got from my auntie and yeah. Cute, right? Sometimes though, it's auto-focus is really annoying because it's not even focusing properly. I don't know if there's like a calibration thingy but I already abused the reset function of it. But nonetheless it's still awesome and nice. You just have to stabilize before taking pictures. Do not rely on auto-focus much is the KEY TO SUCCESS.

The third camera I got is a Sony Cyber-shot that AGAIN, my auntie gave me.

It has a touch panel which I think is COOL! Although it functions really well in taking pictures, the screen on the back is kind of scratched inside. Scratched inside because you can't really tell/see the scratch when it's not on. The crack sort of is  not on the LCD or maybe just not external, I don't know.

Maybe an inside thingy. But it doesn't really bother me since when I transfer pictures, it's still alright.

RED isn't actually my favorite color. It just happens. Amazing, right?

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