Thursday, 17 May 2012

Splash Island Philippines. A look back.

I actually enjoyed my stay in Splash Island. For some reason, even though you have to carry your lifebuoy thingy way way up the stairs to actually ride on it on your way down, the experience was worth it. It's a pool so obviously, I didn't take so much picture in.

This is the circle thingy I was talking about, And you know, for some reason, because I was too scared that my sisters would actually fall down the super high/steep stairs, I carried their thingy too. Since we're only 3 that kind of really explored the pools, I decided to go alone and that the two of them should go together that circle thing. And there's this particular ride that kind of scared them to actually go together so I have to go down the slide with one and go way way way up again to go down with another. IMAGINE?

My least favorite would probably be the river kind of thing because that's just so dirty! I don't like it at all. Well, not really dirty. It's just that the leaves are kind of everywhere. Pool maintenance, anyone?

One advise though. Like, before you go, check the time schedule of everything because not everything is open at once. There's also a wave pool that will help you kind of relax and stuff. Very nice. They also have a zip line thingy which is kind of interesting. 

My favorite ride was probably the kind of family slide in which there's this like big thing that managed to house me, my 2 sisters and mom. That was fun! One thing you have to know about mom is that she's not fun of anything like that. RIDES, ADRENALINE RUSH, and the like. So that was fun to see her kind of enjoyed a similar thing. That Magellan's drop was also nice. 

I can't wait to visit. My sisters are kind of a little bit older now so hopefully less stress for me. That circle thing isn't exactly light, you know. MAN POWER! :D LOL

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