Wednesday, 16 May 2012

"Made in SEOUL"

For some reason when I was browsing YouTube videos awhile ago, I found this. This is not a super professional craft but nonetheless, I like it. I am pretty aware how Koreans study a lot and that they usually spend the whole day at school, go home, sleep a little bit, and go to school early in the morning again. I actually have a friend that is Korean and tell me this rubbish. And how she want it changed. But this is not what this post is all about. It also talked about suicide which is not a fun part at all. I know suicide rate is higher in Japan but yeah, suicide is not the answer to anything.

The second part of the documentary somehow talked about PLASTIC SURGERY. And this is not actually the first time I heard how some Koreans wanted to look perfect and therefore already undergone one or two surgeries to achieve a more western look. I am pretty shocked though how these Korean high school girls described BEAUTIFUL. Pretty straight forward, which is good in other aspects. But to actually define beautiful as purely physical, WOAH!

I know how tough it is to find a job in Korea, well so it is everywhere right? So people (mostly girls) will do everything to stand out. I am not in any way degrading anyone who have undergone surgery and so am I encouraging people to undergo one. I actually think Korean girls are already beautiful. But you know, beauty is probably subjective.

I have also watched a different YouTube documentary before that talked about how rampant cosmetic surgery clinic ads are in Korea and how they portray what is beautiful by showing before and after photos of girls. May it be in a subway, just everywhere!

What really caught my attention is that when the director/producer of the film interviewed a girl (did not actually see the girl) and the girl kind of admitted that she had her eyes done and her nose as well. Then the director kind of complimented her by telling her that "it doesn't look fake at all". And then she answered with "THIS IS MADE IN SEOUL." But of course!

I do not have anything against plastic surgery but from my point of view, if you will let it define you, then WHATEVER. It also pissed me when these high school girls want to consider surgeries JUST to get a boyfriend. SERIOUSLY GIRLS? I mean, if you would get a boyfriend that only want your looks, might as well find another guy. COME ON. You are in high school, enjoy being young. Live well. Live happy. While high school last.

If you want to watch the documentary, click here :) and tell me what you think.

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