Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Food I munched.

And for some reason, I'm doing it in order! LOL. I don't know. I know I'm on diet and I must lose weight but you know. Hash tag excuses once again.

The story behind this photo is that I was actually sleeping when my cousin knocked my door and said that they bought Vitamilk and that I should go down and drink with them. I was looking forward to taste it, honestly. Like, they sell it in 7/11 near the hospital I am in but trouble is, I don't have a can opener somewhere and stuff. I actually like the "milk" or plain is it? Than the chocolate one. Maybe because the taste of soy is stronger in that white thingy. The chocolate colored one taste more like of a chocolate. And for me, that defeats the purpose. For some health reasons, it may be acceptable though.

Donuts! I know I just had donuts recently but yeah, free food is love. We actually got another box of donuts from my sister's boyfriend or whatever. She said they're not together but I doubt. Thanks for the donuts though. My fats appreciated it.

Mocha cake! Not that great. But I ate it all anyways. Thanks mom for bringing me home this. The cake is kind of dry so without the cream, it would be a mess. Like, I think so. My cousin actually got one too and she said that she doesn't like cream much so yeah. 

It may not look very appealing and you might not be able to recognize it without looking at the cover but... CREPES! This particular stall was suggested to me by my friend Kim and she said she likes that particular stall because the crepes there aren't too sweet and stuff like that so after quite a while (July 24 2012), I decided to give it a try. Got one for my cousin too! I also managed to snap some photos on how they made it.

By the way I got Peaches and my cousin got Mangoes. :) Love how they put in white chocolate chips whichever you choose.

It was pretty good. Maybe they should change the way they serve the crepes though. It can really get messy. Or maybe it's just us. LOL.

Lastly... cheese flavoured BINATOG. If you don't know what that is, it's like boiled corn kernels that they serve with coconut gratings and some salt. I actually am not sure if they only serve it here in the Philippines. But anyways.

This is not even the weird thing about it. Mom actually got the milk flavoured one. Can you imagine that? But actually, not bad. It's just that I prefer the original way of serving it.That's all! :)

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