Sunday, 15 July 2012

Snacks I ate. :)

I don't know why but I've been eating fatty foods lately and my weight is not liking it. But no regrets!

Like for reals. I'm not gonna review the foods I'm gonna be showing for I don't consistently like them. I eat them when I'm either hungry or probably craving and stuff like that.

Mom often brings this particular cake flavor home. I believe it's Triple Chocolate Roll from Red Ribbon. Yeah, I like it sort of. But sometimes I think it gets so chocolate-y and that it can be a little bit scary. I don't know. Maybe it's just me. Never mind LOL.

I haven't checked but it's most likely called Triple Chocolate because of the chocolate layers being 3? I don't know. Quoting from a friend from Sydney "You don't anything tonight." Well he kind of says that to me all the time. And for reason, he's right. LOL. Anyhows.

The lighting is so bright that day so I kind of auto-adjusted it for a dramatic looks and here's what I got. Ready????

Doesn't do much. Okay.

Sort of the day after the cake, mom brought home doughnuts! :) Happy kid! And I actually bit the chocolate flavored one before I remembered blogging about it. LOL. 

I like the chocolate better. It has rice krispies and stuff. I like! The orange one, not so. It's my cousin's favorite flavour though. Like, it's not literally orange. It's kind of dry so it's really hard eating it plus it's really messy to eat and all that. The fall-out of that orange thingy is just superb. 

Anyways. That's all :D 

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