Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sexuality (not quite).

Today I would like to introduce a regular segment I would like to do in my blog. I just noticed how bloggers have things they do regularly and I don't. I don't want to copy them or whatnot but I just want to have a regular session and stuff like that. I decided to make THURSDAYS as the day for that sessions. I also decided to name it Talkin' Thursday. Meaning I'd put a picture (or not) and generally talk about how I feel about it. So yeah, here it goes.

Well, people are different. We are all different. And some people might take it differently than I do. But here's just my point.

First and foremost. What do you mean sit down? Sit down as in the literal sit down? Or did it have to mean something else? I mean, if ladies would literally just sit down, then that'll then classify us as lazy, irresponsible, and all that. And wow on that gentleman part. If guys would just act the way they should act, then irregardless of what girls do, then there wouldn't a problem. Serious stuff.

And why should gentlemen stand up only when ladies sit down? I mean, how lazy is that? Douche!

I'm not saying that THAT IS THE SITUATION now though. I'm just so curious where this typography came from. I really want to understand this.

One thing to take note about me is that I think feminism is not something I entirely am promoting. Enough said.

Anyways, I want to address the ladies more than the gents here. Because ladies, if we will just let this happen, then that's like not fair. NOT FAIR AT ALL. We should be aware that we have voices too. We have a say.

And for the gents. I know most ladies say that it's all your fault and all that. They might be right. Might be wrong. Just do what you think is right. I believe in your species.
Also, looking at it on a different side, if sit down actually means to shut up, then that'll just light up another thing and I say for both ladies and gentlemen that WE SHOULD LEARN WHEN TO SPEAK AND WHEN TO LISTEN. Because the way I look at it, it's as if ladies don't have the right to speak and all that. So yeah. I just want to say that we should always strive to be equal. Because at the end of the day, and at the end of all these, we will be.

Another side that I'm looking at is the side of RESPECT. Like, if girls would just learn how to act like a lady, which I assume is something like talking properly, acting nicely, being somehow demure, and all that then they would be respected by boys and all that. Gentlemen are gentle-men right? So yeah. But hold on right there! Shouldn't guys respect girls from the very start? Isn't that the standard? Guys protecting girls? Mmm...

I'm also seeing some side of ABUSE right here. It's as if this typography is actually trying to justify that it's alright to abuse and put hands on the girls if they don't act like a lady. Or maybe I'm wrong and just seeing things differently. But like what I've said awhile ago, that is just my point.

But talking about abuse (may it be verbal or physical),

If there's one thing I can't forget from my Ethics, Psychology, Philosophy and Logic classes, THE END DOES NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS that is.

So even though how wrong the situation might be, even if it's so helpless and all that, or how wrong the other person is, beating someone up or abusing them verbally will just add to the problem. Yes, they might be able to realize they're wrong and will be afraid to do it again once they've been physically hurt. Yes, they might be able to realize they're wrong when mean words have been said to them. But looking at it in a more reasonable way, there's almost no point. What's the difference in talking normally and talking in an abusive kind of manner? Things have been done. In most of the cases, there's no turning back.

Human beings are generally good. I believe in that. But I understand that there are just some certain situations in life when we feel like we have to do certain things to achieve something good. But that doesn't justify doing bad stuff.

And for me, that goes hand in hand with this. May it be a lady, a gentleman, anyone, if we would just master how to act our best, then there wouldn't be a problem whether one sits down or stands up whatever that means.

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