Friday, 27 July 2012

Disneyland. A look back.

Sweetest things ever! Isn't she so cute? Anyways I honestly don't know where this picture came from. But it literally touches me! I saw a black and white picture of this and that actually touched me first but I think I lost the picture and when I tried my luck on Google, I think I found the original version. Anyways.

It's been a while! 

My cute little sisters!


Good to see them holding hands. You can't make them do it now. Good luck! Haha

I LOVE DISYENLAND. Like, it's just the perfect place to feel young, be young, and act young. It's so magical that it's even possible to do all stuff like that. Girls wear the craziest hairbands with the weirdest designs and who cares? Like, it can get annoying of course but who cares? Noticed the たまごっち on both of my sisters' necklace thingy? LOL. I remember on how addicted they were on those. I think they own like, 3 each.

That structure above is probably my favorite place. Well, not really my favorite but I quite liked it. My favorite was when the Filipino version played and all that. It's just so nice!

I looked ... I don't know LOL. 

Pictures below were taken by my sisters on their last trip to Disneyland (2012).

But of course since I failed taking pictures of myself on stuff like this, well.

The last time I went  to Disney, I can still remember sitting next to the Snow White princess and his prince. 

Will take pictures from now on swear.

Cute stuff! So yeah, I'm so looking forward to visiting Disney again. And will take so many pictures when I get there!


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