Sunday, 29 July 2012

Why I love Big Bang.

Big Bang might not be the first K-Pop group that I noticed, listened to, and loved but as far as I am concern, they are one of the best that I came across.

This post might not be able to give information for those who are not yet familiar with the group but I hope you check them out. Come be a VIP. You know you want it! ;)

So why do I like them? It's hard to put into words actually. Really. I think it’s because their talent is just so pure that you can’t actually break down stuff. You know! Like chemicals. It's also hard to resist not to like them more and more. Something like an addiction.

I like their personalities too. How did I know?

Come on K-pop fans. We check their lifestyles, their pasts, their friends, relatives, neighbors and whatever left for there to check. Yes? That may be exaggerated. For I only check on their lifestyles. Wait, I do profile check too. Anyway. They are also hilarious. In many ways. I usually type in “Big Bang Funny” on YouTube and get a lot. Some videos I already watched 10 or more times.

See, I tend to digress. I can’t really explain. Just in case you're wondering, and I know you're by now assuming, YES. GD is my favorite member. I won't say that he's the most handsome member though. I would like to give that credit to TOP. And probably not the funniest. Because I'd say that would be Daesung. But why him? Certainly not because he's the leader because I don't usually look at things that way. I go for the underdog most of the time. Well, not that I look at things that way. So I like GD not because of reasons like that. I like him because I like him. Well, that may sound cliche but that's the way it really is.

One thing that I also like about them is that on stage, they really look very enthusiastic and that it's really obvious that they do like what they're doing. Something like they just look so nice and it's as if they're just doing what they love on stage. Something like that.

So yeah! I wish to see you guys on the front seat. VIP stand up. Everybody stand up.

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