Sunday, 29 July 2012

Eye poppin' technique. TESTED.

After having watched heaps of YouTube transformation tutorial, I came across tons of techniques to pop and brighten the eyes and one of the techniques that most of the GURUS claimed the same thing. And that's to use...

WHITE EYELINER! WELL. I didn't know its purpose back then. 

Actually... I don't know. I can't tell if there's actually a difference. Not in my opinion.

My left eye is weird so never mind. Okay...There's actually a little bit of difference. Thinking about it logically though, every thing makes perfect sense. If you would adjust the white part of the eye by putting a white eyeliner on the the lower waterline, then it'll make an illusion of a bigger eye. Or eyes. The right picture looks more awake and lively than that of the right eye. I guess. So it kind of works!

Poor eyeliner. Lost most of its details before having known its purpose. 

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