Sunday, 29 July 2012

Seventeen Ice. I love! :)

Love love love these ice creams. As far as I can remember, there are about 5 vendo machines that I used to buy these ice creams to. REGARDLESS OF THE WEATHER. 

1. Inside the multi-function hall thingy at Sagamihara Koen.

Like, every time I bike my way there. I would just buy one and sit there and watch people swim. Also, even just before or after swimming, I never missed buying one right after. Hidemi and I used to eat these stuff a lot. 

2. Inside the mini zoo

If you're nearby or whatnot, it's actually near the pony riding thing. 

3. Odakyu Sagamihara 

It's on the second floor of Odakyu mall and stuff. Odakyu OX is it? Yeah, second floor near the day care kind of place.

4. Minamirin-kan - PHOTO ABOVE!

Near the second floor of the supermarket where the 100 shop is at! LOVE! LOL. 

My favorite flavor would probably be the CHOCO MINT! Love that. I used to love the CREAM SODA but whatever. People change. I think Hidemi's favorite is that vanilla thing. I still change flavors once in a while though. I sincerely wish that these flavors would become some sort of a standard. FOR REALS. 

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