Sunday, 30 September 2012

Internship ONE. DONE.

I figured some people might read my INTERSHIP I post as Internship (I) as in, ME, MYSELF and I. But then that's actually (ONE). Just so you know. PEACE! :D So I just had my last night duty and last duty in that sense.

Memories! I'll definitely miss my staffs there. It's been 5 months of Internship and WOW thinking about it now, that was fast. I know I blogged about me wishing it to be over soon but hey. I actually think that everyday was a day well spent. And that's all that matters for now.

Sadly, I'm not gonna be with anyone in the picture on my next IN. In this picture, and the one below this, I'm actually closest to ALI. You might have seen her somewhere else so yeah. She's actually my hospital group mate so most of the time, if not always, we're scheduled together and stuff.

Gonna miss these guys. Except for UST people though. I guess NOT TOO MUCH because we'll actually get to see each other on Tuesdays and Fridays. ADDITIONAL UNI DAY! YUP! :D

JAMAE! We're actually gonna be together so no worries. She's another group mate and for some reason, I'm actually close to all my group mates so yeah. I'm gonna miss them all. Except for those that I'm gonna be with next IN though. Unfair? Okay whatever. I'll miss them all. LOL.

:) Jayme, Jamae, myself, and Joem. LOL.

The same person who drew out Blood Bank thank you letter drew this piece with all the Laboratory Staffs. Awesome! Like, legit. Proud post mate right here. LOL.

And we wrote stuff that we want to tell them staffs so yeah. :)


So...I guess that's it. One chapter of my book is now closed. Cherished, lived, loved, and will always remember. And just in case I forget some minute details, I could always look back.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Manila. A Look Back.

I guess it's been a year or so since we last visited Manila Park/Luneta Park/Rizal Park or whatever. The story was my auntie's friend from Japan, well, sort of my mom's friend as well, wanted photos of the Philippines and stuff so you get it. The thing is, we already sent him photos before and mom actually wanted to take the same pictures and it just didn't make sense to me. ESPECIALLY HE DID SEND MONEY ON THE LATTER REQUEST. Not too much. But whatever. Like, I wouldn't pay for pictures. THANKS, GOOGLE!

The clock! Nothing much. Would be so prettier with flowers being there instead of leaves. But anyways. The good thing about being in Manila is that even though it's like, OVEN HOT, there's wind. Which is somehow awesome to kind of neutralize things.

So my bestfriend actually followed us because she was I guess, having a drink or two nearby and stuff. In the middle of the day, you ask? YES. That's so her. We were kind of doubting that she will come but she did! MIRACLE! LOL. Just kidding.

Something funny happened here. Like, creepy-funny. It's rather a long story so whatever. Soon!

You know you were cheated when you can't find a picture of you at some point. But anyways. LOL. Grabbed lunch (around 4) at KFC. Just because we were traumatized and kind of had a long walk from here to there and back and so yeah.

Walked around and took some pictures and memories. Beat that. LOL.


Just beautiful.

Pretty proud of this shot. For real.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Random Ramblings. Wanderlust.

Can I just say that I really want to travel and see the world first hand? For real. I just hope it'd be soon! I just want to experience life in another country, like, not as a foreigner and stuff but to actually be with its people and kind of learn from them. I just thought that being a foreigner is actually not the best thing to be, because most likely, you'll be treated as one. Unlike if you're a native and stuff, you'll get more. For sure. Culture, language, tradition, and stuff.

Countries I want to live to bucket list:

South Korea
United States of America

That's all!

LOST. A Look Back.

Can I just share a childhood story? I mean, this sort of thing is not something I can easily forget. Well, it actually happened 16 years ago and I still remember what happened to me. The picture above is not exactly the point of the story but it's kind of the same thing. You'll know why. So...

Sixteen years ago, when my dad, mom, and I were shopping for things. Well, it's kind of a marketplace so I'm not so positive if you can actually call that shopping. But anyways. What happened was they left me in front of a pharmacy and there's actually a kiddie ride outside and so they entered the pharmacy, right? I was left playing and riding that kiddie ride outside for a while and my mom actually said that I should stay there and they'll be back to get me. 

After a while, I got bored and got worried. Probably got scared too. I tried to remember the path we crossed to get to that market and luckily, I remembered it. I specifically remembered that we passed by a GREEN PAYPHONE and dad parked our car nearby. It was kind of a long walk from the pharmacy to the car but then again, I was so thankful. 

So I finally found our car and I remember I went up to its roof and tried to look for its key by looking down from the sunroof (silly of me). I was crying. I actually went up the roof to actually be visible to my parents' eyes. Like, I was pretty short that time so whatever. 

So just because I was crying, the lady in front of where our car was parked opened the window and asked why I was crying. And another WTF moment of my life happened. I told my story and asked her if she have the KEY TO OUR CAR. LOL. WTF was I thinking that time? 

And then luckily, mom and dad were able to find me and they said that they were about to find me using the car and stuff. I think I got scolded that time too. Or not? So yeah. :))

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Be Prepared.

Being prepared is like the best weapon ever. Like, if we're prepared, we just let things happen without being scared. It's like expecting the unexpected and actually having a battle plan. I think.

May it be on an emergency situation or by the weather and stuff. If we have all the things we need, then we'll get thru it. And this is not even a post to campaign panic buying and all the shit we might be needing in the future and stuff. But it's always nice to have a plan. Before it's too late. Sort of.

If we wish for so many things in life, and they happened altogether, what would we choose first? It's kind of tricky because we may or may not be able to pour our time and enjoy those things. Like if we have to choose just one, how would we stand for the other wishes? I'm not saying that it's bad to wish for everything but let's all be practical and choose wisely. If that's not too much to ask. If none happened, then we may or may not feel bad because we wished for so many things and yet none happened.

So yeah some people have it all because they've worked hard for what they have. I'm not even talking about those who are born with such rich families but those who actually made it happen. In my opinion, they worked hard and they deserve their wealth and stuff like that. And those who still didn't get the reward they deserve, I hope we'll continue to be patient because I think that eventually, we'll be rewarded. Let's just be patient.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Voice Season 3 Favorites. So Far.

I'm actually like watch THE VOICE for some reason. Better than American Idol, better than Got Talent, better than X-Factor. I don't know why too. Actually, we don't have a franchise of The Voice in my country (possessive) but whatever. I don't mind watching on YouTube.

My favorite part of The Voice is actually the Blind Auditions. There's just something special about it. It generally shows that VOICE is really powerful that yo get to like it even though you haven't seen the person yet or stuff. RELEVANT. Anyways. In no particular order, I present to you my favorites. SO FAR. I may or may not have more favorites because the Blind Auditions isn't over yet and yeah.

Michelle Brooks. She sang Proud Mary and she did it really well. Obviously, I was impressed.

Benji did Knockin' on Heaven's Door. I'm actually quite doubtful if I should put him here but after watching it for the third time I guess, I thought it was a brilliant performance.

Nicole Nelson did Hallelujah and it was such an emotional performance. I can't even. 

Samuel Mouton did the Redemption Song. He's kind of cute too. Anyways.

 Colin McLoughlin did Wild World. Now, I was kind of hesitant about his performance too but then again, on second thought, he did very well. Ooh that smile boy!

Joe Kirkland! I actually didn't have second thought on his performance. LOL. I like the way he sang it and stuff. Kind of that bad guy tone but then again...Oh JOE! Hope it gives her hell. Just kidding.

Cassadee Pope. Cassadee Pope's version of Torn really killed it. I don't know why but I feel very connected to her. WEIRD. 

Melanie Martinez! I like her so much! She sang Toxic and I was like, can I take her home? JOKE! She's really so cute! I like her style, her lipstick, her style, she look vintage. WHAT? LOL. She's actually 17 but she look kind of 12 to me or something. I'm not saying that I like them to win but I actually like their auditions so let's see what'll happen next. 

Oh! Somebody please send me PAULINA'S audition video please. Or will that be up on The Voice's YouTube soon? I don't know. I hope they do well on THE BATTLE. 

Goodbye Internship I. Sort of.

I can't believe it! 24 HOURS OF DUTY to go before Internship 2. A co-intern posted on Facebook the orientation time for our second hospital already and I'm super excited for that! I can't even.

The thing is I'm gonna be in a public hospital next so I can just imagine the toxicity and stuff there. But from our dinner yesterday (092512), a friend of mine said that I'll enjoy my IN there. Because he did. Good thing.

I'm seriously gonna miss my co-Interns. And some staffs in my hospital right now. In this picture alone, I'm only gonna be with one person next Internship. Better than none but nonetheless sad.

Good times!

I'm gonna miss TIN! She's actually from a different university and we've been so close to death so I'm guessing that I'm gonna miss her the most. I really don't fancy goodbyes. But then again, remembering my high school teacher's words, "IT'S NOT GOODBYE, JUST SEE YOU LATER". 

Monday, 24 September 2012

Put some RINGS on it.

Just recently, I actually thought of starting a collection like this. I mean, it's quite fashionable at some point. Just a reminder though, I don't own any of these rings and stuff so yeah. Just saying.

I think I might wear like, two at a time. I wear a gold ring my mom gave me and I don't actually remove that so maybe I would wear another from my future collection.

I don't know if I actually should collect because they might not end as long as I want them to end and stuff so maybe I shouldn't buy silver stuff or something because they'll eventually rust and stuff so yeah. I might get stuff made of some fancy plastics or whatever like that.

But thinking of it, with enough care, I'm thinking these stuff would last. I actually thought of collecting because I just think that these stuff would be great to wear and that you'll actually have a ring ready to match with your outfit of the day or whatever like that. Something to spice up the look, as they, FASHION GURUS would say. 

I think I'll basically get butterfly, heart, Eiffel Tower designs first before anything else. 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Food Trip. Pizza!!

So, we did it again. Pizza day everyday. LOL. Today was a lazy day in the laboratory so we decided to have pizza and stuff so yeah.

PIZZA is LOVE! We're actually a week away from INTERNSHIP 2 and if I have a list of things to be thankful for, SHAKEY'S BEING DAMN NEAR OUR HOSPITAL WOULD BE ONE OF THEM. 

You know what? I must say that I take good iPhone photos now. Like, comparing the picture above and this one that I took. Right? Thanks! 

These really went so so fast that after we too the first like, 4 shots, this happened. Although it may seem to you that people neglected the Hawaiian pizza, nah-uh. That one we managed to finish too. My favorite pizza is Casa Bianca Vie by landslide victory. Like, so good! I remember having it before but just because I was too hungry that time, I wasn't able to take note how it tastes like. But this time, confirm! It's as if eating some creamy pizza, in my opinion. So yeah!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Let's Talk Cheer Dance.

Well, being in the UST, it's given that I will support whatever competition or just about whatever UST will be in.

Now let's talk about the 2012 Samsung Cheer Dance Competition, shall we? I wasn't exactly pleased by the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe's performance but they did fairly okay. Quite disappointing, yeah. But...well...I don't know. It's been a while since we won this competition but we aren't the worst that there is. I mean, who gets disappointed by the performance of UE? Get my point? And that's not to bash them or whatever. But you get my point, right? Thanks. So actually, I want to bring back memories by sharing you this post from my previous blog host or whatevs.

Oh well. I was actually pretty impressed by their performance 2 years ago but unfortunately, they didn't win. I'm assuming because we weren't the host. But that's just me being bitter so never mind. So 2 years ago, we won 3rd. Last year, I am also pretty impressed by their performance and we just placed 4th. I don't know what place are we in now though. But it doesn't matter for now. I'm guessing 4th. Anyways. Here's a little rant I did last year.

So yeah. Moving on... I wasn't so pleased with the performance of the UP PEP SQUAD. First time in three years. I don't know why though. I like the passion of the dancers though. I super love the girls' dedication to even cut their hair short like that, WOW. But thinking about it, probably, their performance now is probably just not as great as their performance last time so yeah. I don't know if it's just me but I liked FEU's performance better. It's flawless. But then again...well.

UST's performance was okay. It should have been better because like, everything's going well but it ended too soon. I think they lacked some element of surprise and stuff. The theme was also "WTH" not because of the theme itself but they weren't able to really own that theme. Oh well. That's all I want to talk about. Things already happened. And yup! THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

P.S. After 2 years, I still think that the lady in front should have won STUNNER.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Gone Too Soon. Full story.

I just came home from a wake (092012). It's kind of hard to blog about it really but then I just want to keep track on everything. It's gonna be long, I bet. A friend of mine died. It was like, all of a sudden. It wasn't given a chance to be cured or whatsoever. I guess too late for the operation. But then again...well.

The story was that friend of mine was in Medicine and Surgery school like, a week ago. Like, first year. And then another friend of mine tweeted that he dropped. And we were concerned about his slot there and all that. The fees and stuff. Because medicine and surgery is like 100k+ in our uni plus books and everything. But then we thought and said that his health is more important than anything else.

So then awhile ago, the same friend called me while I was eating breakfast. She asked me I receive anything from some other friends. When I said no, she finally said it. Said that our friend already died. So I was shocked and all that. And I wasn't able to review for the exit exam in our hospital and all that stuff. It was said it was a polyp but yeah...later.

So I said to myself that I can't be absent on his wake. Like, I missed a lot of gatherings and all that but NOT THIS ONE. So after my duty, I went home and went to the wake. With my cousin. Which I am thankful for.

Quite a lot of things happened on our way there. FIRST OF ALL, we got lost. There were apparently 2 branches of this place. But the one got totally destroyed and now it's just a big parking lot. The sad thing is that we went there first. Like, our uni is in Manila and that wrecked place is in Manila and the other is in Quezon City. What to expect? What happened was when we went to where it was supposed to be, well, we didn't have an idea on where exactly it used to be though. But we looked it up on Google maps first before we headed out so we have an idea that it was supposed to be in that area where we were looking for it. But then we couldn't find it. So we've asked like, 3 people that didn't know where and stuff so yeah. And then when we asked that guy that didn't look reliable at all (sorry for judging) he said that the place is that empty lot and he literally pointed on the empty lot at the back. And we actually clarified it and he just repeated what he said. So then I said that the place might be at the back of the empty lot. So we walked beside the empty lot and we've been walking for like quite a while and the condition that we were not seeing anything than a casino/hotel, we asked a security guard. Thinking he would be of any help. And he said he don't know where it is. So then we thought that we might still be far or the person who pointed on the empty lot was crazy and stuff. So we went on hoping there would be at least a sign of the place. We gave up and asked someone again. A vendor. He then said that the empty lot used to be that place and it was destroyed and stuff. HOLY CRAP moment. But then we got to keep going.

So I called my friend and told her what happened and then she told me where the place is situated and stuff. The funny thing is she asked me awhile if the place is near where it really is while I answered with "from what I know, the place is near (where it was destroyed) but then she was able to go to the right place. So it's just me.

So after two more rides and a lot of walking, we were able to reach the place. But first we entered the wrong building and stuff but then a guy told us that we might be on the wrong building. We probably looked really lost for him to tell that without us asking.

Luckily, I was able to find the room and it was somehow good to see everyone. It was a relief. I saw my friend and she asked me if I want her to join me in viewing our friend and I said yes right away. I'm actually afraid of looking at people that way so I would have asked her to join me if she didn't volunteer. I don't know why.

So then she told me the story. It wasn't just polyp or polyps like what they told us before. It was CANCER. And he actually said that to his closest friends but he said that they shouldn't tell everyone about it. That friend of ours had a heart attack when he was still an intern. Medical Technology intern in a hospital in Manila. But since he was in the hospital, he was saved. What happened now was when his girlfriend opened the door of his condo, he was already lifeless.

So that's what happened. And the autopsy done said that he died due to multiple organ failure.

It's sad really. We aren't the closest of friends but it's still sad. Like, thinking about it and stuff. I just want him to know that it was a pleasure knowing him and that I hope that wherever he is, he's happy.

I was moved when I saw his dad because he looked exactly like him and the eyes of his dad was really sore and all that. His dad is a doctor so looking from his dad's point of view, might be a thousand times more hurtful. Or more. But no one is with him that time, so that can't be helped. I can just imagine how his dad wished that he should have been there and all that.

Life is really too short. So whatever it is that we think we have to do, we should do it. I wish for the fast recovery of his parents' broken hearts for his lost. You will be missed.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Talking Thursday. DIY.

I believe that if we want to do something, we should prioritize ourselves. I mean, our own feelings, not others. I know that sometimes, our feelings are really dependent on some other things or people but irregardless, we should always put ourselves first.

It depends though. I'm not saying that we should all be selfish and stuff. And be self-centered and all that. But when it comes to self improvement, it is just proper to think of ourselves first. To whom do we dedicate our improvements? To ourselves, then others. It's all sort of the same at some point.

If we want to improve we should make sure that it's for own benefit first. Then maybe, just maybe, for others too. Awesome right? We sort of improve and a lot of people benefit from it.

One example would be when we want to change something about our attitude. If we want to get rid of that, then other will notice, right? But our priority is should not be because others would notice it but because we want for ourselves for other people not to think of us that way anymore. See, maybe just that kind of thinking would actually get us somewhere. Somewhere more improved or something. Same difference, aye?

Food Trip. Santorini.

We actually go a lot here. Like, when we have sufficient amount of time to get out of our way and eat some real food. Well, okay okay. Mcdonald's, KFC, and Jollibee are real too. SOMETIMES. LOL. Nah, not really. The thing about this restaurant is it's kind of far from our building.

The story is I actually borrowed a book from the library, like, a week plus days ago and I was supposed to return the book last Tuesday because that's the only time I have for uni stuff. And then last Tuesday, I thought I put it in my bag, but NAH. So yeah. Returned to UST yesterday (091912) after I had an exam in the hospital and actually I was from night duty before the exam. But whatever. Sometimes food is more important than sleep. Okay, no sense.

If you're planning to visit this restaurant, you just have to take the P.Noval EXIT, locate Mini Stop, and you just have to find the salon. It's beside that salon. Okay. NOT HELPFUL.

What I like about this restaurant is you'll not get bred while waiting for your food. Even though it is a very small restaurant to actually call it a restaurant, there's just so many things to look at.

They also have this magical teli that airs Korean stuff so yeah. I wish they'd invest in bigger screen though. But yeah, kind of nice to watch EVERY TIME.

Say hello to my cousin's LIPSTICK first. LOL.

So yeah. Here's what we had. 

I was actually not sure what Zzapaghetti would taste like because I don't know. IT'S UNCOMMON? The first time I ate here at this place, a friend of mine ordered it and yeah. GOT CURIOUS since then. I wanted to try it but I don't know. MY CRAVINGS FOR BIBIMBAP was probably more dominant or whatevs.

It was DELISH. Like, I had a Korean curry the last time I ate here and I noticed that the sauce is the same. But then it's actually far better with noodles. Like, I didn't enjoy the curry thing but this one is real goodness. I can't find the logic there but whatever. LOL.

Next is their Vegetable Pancake. Also good. 

The last thing we ate. Like, for some reason, the pictures I've shown is in the same order as we had it. Brilliant! LOL.

We also had two servings of this free radish goodness. GOOD! :) So yeah and then we went to SM to pay some bill and went home and yeah. :)
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.