Sunday, 30 September 2012

Internship ONE. DONE.

I figured some people might read my INTERSHIP I post as Internship (I) as in, ME, MYSELF and I. But then that's actually (ONE). Just so you know. PEACE! :D So I just had my last night duty and last duty in that sense.

Memories! I'll definitely miss my staffs there. It's been 5 months of Internship and WOW thinking about it now, that was fast. I know I blogged about me wishing it to be over soon but hey. I actually think that everyday was a day well spent. And that's all that matters for now.

Sadly, I'm not gonna be with anyone in the picture on my next IN. In this picture, and the one below this, I'm actually closest to ALI. You might have seen her somewhere else so yeah. She's actually my hospital group mate so most of the time, if not always, we're scheduled together and stuff.

Gonna miss these guys. Except for UST people though. I guess NOT TOO MUCH because we'll actually get to see each other on Tuesdays and Fridays. ADDITIONAL UNI DAY! YUP! :D

JAMAE! We're actually gonna be together so no worries. She's another group mate and for some reason, I'm actually close to all my group mates so yeah. I'm gonna miss them all. Except for those that I'm gonna be with next IN though. Unfair? Okay whatever. I'll miss them all. LOL.

:) Jayme, Jamae, myself, and Joem. LOL.

The same person who drew out Blood Bank thank you letter drew this piece with all the Laboratory Staffs. Awesome! Like, legit. Proud post mate right here. LOL.

And we wrote stuff that we want to tell them staffs so yeah. :)


So...I guess that's it. One chapter of my book is now closed. Cherished, lived, loved, and will always remember. And just in case I forget some minute details, I could always look back.

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