Saturday, 29 September 2012

Manila. A Look Back.

I guess it's been a year or so since we last visited Manila Park/Luneta Park/Rizal Park or whatever. The story was my auntie's friend from Japan, well, sort of my mom's friend as well, wanted photos of the Philippines and stuff so you get it. The thing is, we already sent him photos before and mom actually wanted to take the same pictures and it just didn't make sense to me. ESPECIALLY HE DID SEND MONEY ON THE LATTER REQUEST. Not too much. But whatever. Like, I wouldn't pay for pictures. THANKS, GOOGLE!

The clock! Nothing much. Would be so prettier with flowers being there instead of leaves. But anyways. The good thing about being in Manila is that even though it's like, OVEN HOT, there's wind. Which is somehow awesome to kind of neutralize things.

So my bestfriend actually followed us because she was I guess, having a drink or two nearby and stuff. In the middle of the day, you ask? YES. That's so her. We were kind of doubting that she will come but she did! MIRACLE! LOL. Just kidding.

Something funny happened here. Like, creepy-funny. It's rather a long story so whatever. Soon!

You know you were cheated when you can't find a picture of you at some point. But anyways. LOL. Grabbed lunch (around 4) at KFC. Just because we were traumatized and kind of had a long walk from here to there and back and so yeah.

Walked around and took some pictures and memories. Beat that. LOL.


Just beautiful.

Pretty proud of this shot. For real.

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