Friday, 21 September 2012

Gone Too Soon. Full story.

I just came home from a wake (092012). It's kind of hard to blog about it really but then I just want to keep track on everything. It's gonna be long, I bet. A friend of mine died. It was like, all of a sudden. It wasn't given a chance to be cured or whatsoever. I guess too late for the operation. But then again...well.

The story was that friend of mine was in Medicine and Surgery school like, a week ago. Like, first year. And then another friend of mine tweeted that he dropped. And we were concerned about his slot there and all that. The fees and stuff. Because medicine and surgery is like 100k+ in our uni plus books and everything. But then we thought and said that his health is more important than anything else.

So then awhile ago, the same friend called me while I was eating breakfast. She asked me I receive anything from some other friends. When I said no, she finally said it. Said that our friend already died. So I was shocked and all that. And I wasn't able to review for the exit exam in our hospital and all that stuff. It was said it was a polyp but yeah...later.

So I said to myself that I can't be absent on his wake. Like, I missed a lot of gatherings and all that but NOT THIS ONE. So after my duty, I went home and went to the wake. With my cousin. Which I am thankful for.

Quite a lot of things happened on our way there. FIRST OF ALL, we got lost. There were apparently 2 branches of this place. But the one got totally destroyed and now it's just a big parking lot. The sad thing is that we went there first. Like, our uni is in Manila and that wrecked place is in Manila and the other is in Quezon City. What to expect? What happened was when we went to where it was supposed to be, well, we didn't have an idea on where exactly it used to be though. But we looked it up on Google maps first before we headed out so we have an idea that it was supposed to be in that area where we were looking for it. But then we couldn't find it. So we've asked like, 3 people that didn't know where and stuff so yeah. And then when we asked that guy that didn't look reliable at all (sorry for judging) he said that the place is that empty lot and he literally pointed on the empty lot at the back. And we actually clarified it and he just repeated what he said. So then I said that the place might be at the back of the empty lot. So we walked beside the empty lot and we've been walking for like quite a while and the condition that we were not seeing anything than a casino/hotel, we asked a security guard. Thinking he would be of any help. And he said he don't know where it is. So then we thought that we might still be far or the person who pointed on the empty lot was crazy and stuff. So we went on hoping there would be at least a sign of the place. We gave up and asked someone again. A vendor. He then said that the empty lot used to be that place and it was destroyed and stuff. HOLY CRAP moment. But then we got to keep going.

So I called my friend and told her what happened and then she told me where the place is situated and stuff. The funny thing is she asked me awhile if the place is near where it really is while I answered with "from what I know, the place is near (where it was destroyed) but then she was able to go to the right place. So it's just me.

So after two more rides and a lot of walking, we were able to reach the place. But first we entered the wrong building and stuff but then a guy told us that we might be on the wrong building. We probably looked really lost for him to tell that without us asking.

Luckily, I was able to find the room and it was somehow good to see everyone. It was a relief. I saw my friend and she asked me if I want her to join me in viewing our friend and I said yes right away. I'm actually afraid of looking at people that way so I would have asked her to join me if she didn't volunteer. I don't know why.

So then she told me the story. It wasn't just polyp or polyps like what they told us before. It was CANCER. And he actually said that to his closest friends but he said that they shouldn't tell everyone about it. That friend of ours had a heart attack when he was still an intern. Medical Technology intern in a hospital in Manila. But since he was in the hospital, he was saved. What happened now was when his girlfriend opened the door of his condo, he was already lifeless.

So that's what happened. And the autopsy done said that he died due to multiple organ failure.

It's sad really. We aren't the closest of friends but it's still sad. Like, thinking about it and stuff. I just want him to know that it was a pleasure knowing him and that I hope that wherever he is, he's happy.

I was moved when I saw his dad because he looked exactly like him and the eyes of his dad was really sore and all that. His dad is a doctor so looking from his dad's point of view, might be a thousand times more hurtful. Or more. But no one is with him that time, so that can't be helped. I can just imagine how his dad wished that he should have been there and all that.

Life is really too short. So whatever it is that we think we have to do, we should do it. I wish for the fast recovery of his parents' broken hearts for his lost. You will be missed.

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