Thursday, 20 September 2012

Food Trip. Santorini.

We actually go a lot here. Like, when we have sufficient amount of time to get out of our way and eat some real food. Well, okay okay. Mcdonald's, KFC, and Jollibee are real too. SOMETIMES. LOL. Nah, not really. The thing about this restaurant is it's kind of far from our building.

The story is I actually borrowed a book from the library, like, a week plus days ago and I was supposed to return the book last Tuesday because that's the only time I have for uni stuff. And then last Tuesday, I thought I put it in my bag, but NAH. So yeah. Returned to UST yesterday (091912) after I had an exam in the hospital and actually I was from night duty before the exam. But whatever. Sometimes food is more important than sleep. Okay, no sense.

If you're planning to visit this restaurant, you just have to take the P.Noval EXIT, locate Mini Stop, and you just have to find the salon. It's beside that salon. Okay. NOT HELPFUL.

What I like about this restaurant is you'll not get bred while waiting for your food. Even though it is a very small restaurant to actually call it a restaurant, there's just so many things to look at.

They also have this magical teli that airs Korean stuff so yeah. I wish they'd invest in bigger screen though. But yeah, kind of nice to watch EVERY TIME.

Say hello to my cousin's LIPSTICK first. LOL.

So yeah. Here's what we had. 

I was actually not sure what Zzapaghetti would taste like because I don't know. IT'S UNCOMMON? The first time I ate here at this place, a friend of mine ordered it and yeah. GOT CURIOUS since then. I wanted to try it but I don't know. MY CRAVINGS FOR BIBIMBAP was probably more dominant or whatevs.

It was DELISH. Like, I had a Korean curry the last time I ate here and I noticed that the sauce is the same. But then it's actually far better with noodles. Like, I didn't enjoy the curry thing but this one is real goodness. I can't find the logic there but whatever. LOL.

Next is their Vegetable Pancake. Also good. 

The last thing we ate. Like, for some reason, the pictures I've shown is in the same order as we had it. Brilliant! LOL.

We also had two servings of this free radish goodness. GOOD! :) So yeah and then we went to SM to pay some bill and went home and yeah. :)

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