Thursday, 27 September 2012

Be Prepared.

Being prepared is like the best weapon ever. Like, if we're prepared, we just let things happen without being scared. It's like expecting the unexpected and actually having a battle plan. I think.

May it be on an emergency situation or by the weather and stuff. If we have all the things we need, then we'll get thru it. And this is not even a post to campaign panic buying and all the shit we might be needing in the future and stuff. But it's always nice to have a plan. Before it's too late. Sort of.

If we wish for so many things in life, and they happened altogether, what would we choose first? It's kind of tricky because we may or may not be able to pour our time and enjoy those things. Like if we have to choose just one, how would we stand for the other wishes? I'm not saying that it's bad to wish for everything but let's all be practical and choose wisely. If that's not too much to ask. If none happened, then we may or may not feel bad because we wished for so many things and yet none happened.

So yeah some people have it all because they've worked hard for what they have. I'm not even talking about those who are born with such rich families but those who actually made it happen. In my opinion, they worked hard and they deserve their wealth and stuff like that. And those who still didn't get the reward they deserve, I hope we'll continue to be patient because I think that eventually, we'll be rewarded. Let's just be patient.

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