Friday, 28 September 2012

LOST. A Look Back.

Can I just share a childhood story? I mean, this sort of thing is not something I can easily forget. Well, it actually happened 16 years ago and I still remember what happened to me. The picture above is not exactly the point of the story but it's kind of the same thing. You'll know why. So...

Sixteen years ago, when my dad, mom, and I were shopping for things. Well, it's kind of a marketplace so I'm not so positive if you can actually call that shopping. But anyways. What happened was they left me in front of a pharmacy and there's actually a kiddie ride outside and so they entered the pharmacy, right? I was left playing and riding that kiddie ride outside for a while and my mom actually said that I should stay there and they'll be back to get me. 

After a while, I got bored and got worried. Probably got scared too. I tried to remember the path we crossed to get to that market and luckily, I remembered it. I specifically remembered that we passed by a GREEN PAYPHONE and dad parked our car nearby. It was kind of a long walk from the pharmacy to the car but then again, I was so thankful. 

So I finally found our car and I remember I went up to its roof and tried to look for its key by looking down from the sunroof (silly of me). I was crying. I actually went up the roof to actually be visible to my parents' eyes. Like, I was pretty short that time so whatever. 

So just because I was crying, the lady in front of where our car was parked opened the window and asked why I was crying. And another WTF moment of my life happened. I told my story and asked her if she have the KEY TO OUR CAR. LOL. WTF was I thinking that time? 

And then luckily, mom and dad were able to find me and they said that they were about to find me using the car and stuff. I think I got scolded that time too. Or not? So yeah. :))

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