Monday, 24 September 2012

Put some RINGS on it.

Just recently, I actually thought of starting a collection like this. I mean, it's quite fashionable at some point. Just a reminder though, I don't own any of these rings and stuff so yeah. Just saying.

I think I might wear like, two at a time. I wear a gold ring my mom gave me and I don't actually remove that so maybe I would wear another from my future collection.

I don't know if I actually should collect because they might not end as long as I want them to end and stuff so maybe I shouldn't buy silver stuff or something because they'll eventually rust and stuff so yeah. I might get stuff made of some fancy plastics or whatever like that.

But thinking of it, with enough care, I'm thinking these stuff would last. I actually thought of collecting because I just think that these stuff would be great to wear and that you'll actually have a ring ready to match with your outfit of the day or whatever like that. Something to spice up the look, as they, FASHION GURUS would say. 

I think I'll basically get butterfly, heart, Eiffel Tower designs first before anything else. 

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  1. Ah I love beautiful rings ! But I just waer some rings for a month or so and then I get annoyed. I think the only rings that last are the ones that means something for you :)


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