Sunday, 23 September 2012

Food Trip. Pizza!!

So, we did it again. Pizza day everyday. LOL. Today was a lazy day in the laboratory so we decided to have pizza and stuff so yeah.

PIZZA is LOVE! We're actually a week away from INTERNSHIP 2 and if I have a list of things to be thankful for, SHAKEY'S BEING DAMN NEAR OUR HOSPITAL WOULD BE ONE OF THEM. 

You know what? I must say that I take good iPhone photos now. Like, comparing the picture above and this one that I took. Right? Thanks! 

These really went so so fast that after we too the first like, 4 shots, this happened. Although it may seem to you that people neglected the Hawaiian pizza, nah-uh. That one we managed to finish too. My favorite pizza is Casa Bianca Vie by landslide victory. Like, so good! I remember having it before but just because I was too hungry that time, I wasn't able to take note how it tastes like. But this time, confirm! It's as if eating some creamy pizza, in my opinion. So yeah!

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