Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Goodbye Internship I. Sort of.

I can't believe it! 24 HOURS OF DUTY to go before Internship 2. A co-intern posted on Facebook the orientation time for our second hospital already and I'm super excited for that! I can't even.

The thing is I'm gonna be in a public hospital next so I can just imagine the toxicity and stuff there. But from our dinner yesterday (092512), a friend of mine said that I'll enjoy my IN there. Because he did. Good thing.

I'm seriously gonna miss my co-Interns. And some staffs in my hospital right now. In this picture alone, I'm only gonna be with one person next Internship. Better than none but nonetheless sad.

Good times!

I'm gonna miss TIN! She's actually from a different university and we've been so close to death so I'm guessing that I'm gonna miss her the most. I really don't fancy goodbyes. But then again, remembering my high school teacher's words, "IT'S NOT GOODBYE, JUST SEE YOU LATER". 

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