Friday, 31 May 2013

Memory Corner | Flashback Friday 2

1. I believe I got these Kisses from my mom together with some other stuff on my 20th Birthday. My likey chocolates! But not as much as Blueberry Cheesecake! Okay never mind. LOL. Can I just share that in Japan, or even in Korea and probably some other places, it's the ladies' job to make chocolates to the guy they like but in the Philippines, it's kind of the reverse so it's somehow interesting. I remember my Hidemi told me a story about her making a guy mini chocolates but didn't give it because when she asked another friend to taste it, the friend told her that it looks like poop. LOL. On another note, I guess I'm just very lucky that I always get something on Valentine's Day. Of course! It's my birthday. Back to the Kisses though, as much as like almonds, I think I enjoyed the Cookies 'n' Creme more. 

2. This is during our first internship, Histology-Pathology department. I probably told you many times that this is my favorite post. And I miss my post mates! This shot is taken when they're mounting the specimens whilst I'm preparing the gum labels. Oh can we just spot on that one guy who's just being nosey and not doing anything? LOL.  And the only girl is MTLEX March 2013's Top 5. And yay for the mangoes! I really like how homey this place is. It's like being at home away from home while having internship. I don't really remember getting tired or like going home tired when I was still in this post. One more kwento is that one day, I lost my internship nameplate and I am certain that it was on my uniform because I remember like seeing it but like at the end of the day, when Tin and I are on our way out, I was like, there's something missing. And then I noticed that my black nameplate is gone. Tin and I then searched for it but come on! It was nighttime and let alone the nameplate is black so we really had a hard time and I just said that we should just stop. I remember I was off the next day and Tin wouldn't be around since it's their seminar day at school so I asked another post mate to ask the staff whether they saw it on the floor or something but I didn't get anything so I though I lost it. Which would suck because that would mean I have to have it done and that I would have to pay again. So come Thursday, after our usual morning routine, the senior staff was like, "hey, Kim! we saw your nameplate on the floor the other night". I then turned around to this post mate who I asked a favor to and he was like, "sorry, I forgot to ask them". LOL. Good times! 

3. Eating Krispy Kreme on our last day of duty. We are both actually from night duty but for some reason, she managed to stay and celebrate the thing but I was like, nah, I'm going to sleep. Actually, I think I was the only one from the night duty group who went home. Sorry! So yeah I think I had two pieces of doughnuts. Oh this one is kind of related to number 2. He was actually the one who brought in the doughnuts! 

4. Still connected to number 3! Okay I got this before our Tuesday class at UST and I don't know but this is kind of very dramatic but I swear she was like back to her jolly self when she heard the shutter sound.  Jam is actually my group mate during our first internship and I really didn't expect that we would be kind of close friends. Well, I didn't expect anyone to be my friend to be fair so whatever. But yeah, she's so nice and fun to be with. Totally unrelated now, can I just say that I hate the fact that iPhone camera's shutter sound can't be turned down or off. What an ANTI-STALKER DEVICE. Silent feature of the phone doesn't make sense then. What a shame. 

Paris and Prada

Well actually, this is just a Paris appreciation post. Haha and a little bit of The Devil Wears Prada review. I downloaded it this week and was able to watch it the other day so let's keep moving, shall we? We shall. Okay my thought after watching the movie. It actually really inspired me to pursue my dreams. Whatever that is. Okay this is kind of vague but I got it. I got it. Or at least I think.

The Devil Wears Prada approves that Paris is the biggest deal of the year so whatever and for some reason, I can really identify with Andrea pretty much. The main story is that she got hired to be Miranda's assistant in New York and even though it isn't an easy job (AT ALL), and she's not really into fashion (when she applied) she stayed and worked hard because she had a vision. A vision of meeting other people through the job. Other people that might get her somewhere else. Good thinking. I really think that her dream to be a journalist is the same as my dream to travel. So it's almost the same. I don't really mind what work I should do and stuff. As long as it would take me to the places I want to be, then be it. 

Paris isn't sported as much in the film as much as I wanted to but I was able to pick up some life lessons and that's just awesome. Paris at night is a win-win though. Me likey. There should be more films showing the beautiful city at night. Midnight in Paris is one but that's like so midnight that I didn't really appreciate the lights and stuff anymore. Although I did love the vintage feel of it.

My favorite character got to be Emily, I think. Because she's so dedicated and she even helped Andrea to survive that job at the beginning. And she likes Paris. I don't know if this is a bad thing or good thing but I don't see myself as Miranda Priestly as much. Sure I used to want to own a fashion company but now I actually can see myself more being Andrea. Mmm...I just think that being Miranda is like being in control of everything. It can be good or bad though.  If you're in control, then you can do everything you want without having to consider other's opinion. It's also a bad thing for me because it might get a little one sided and if all else fails, you know that it's you to blame. And knowing that you can control the situation, you would probably just blame someone else. Which once again, you can. So yeah. Although Miranda's  character is somehow likeable, I can't understand her completely. I love that she wants the best for her twins though. Let alone that unpublished Harry Potter manuscript. OMG! So yeah. At the end, Andrea found a job that's more of her style and she said she learned a lot from her previous job and that's what I want as well. Learn. Good vibes! 

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Us Being Pigs | Yakimix 2.0

I know I told you that this would come right after this blog post but I don't know why I felt like doing a review on CL's new music video. Anyhow. This is really unexpected, you guys. Had I known that we're gonna eat there, I wouldn't have had breakfast. So the branch we went to is at SM North Edsa which I surely didn't see before but my cousin told me she saw it and stuff so yeah. I actually had experience eating here before and I enjoyed it and I thought I wanted to share that experience with my cousin so we went.

We probably took all the prawns in this particular tray because I remember telling my cousin how I am craving for it and that I wanted to go to Yakimix just because of that. But at the end, we thought that it's not really a brilliant idea since it took time for us to open the shell and eat the thing. It's only bad because we only have a limited time to eat. Somehow.

I think we were able to try at least 90% of the raw food because the food that I didn't get on my plate was on my cousin's and we actually share the things we get. Not so much on the cooked food because I feel like we can have it somewhere else. I think. And when I asked my cousin to get us the cooked food, she was like, "never mind".

One piece of advice I could give you is to probably go light with your meats. SEAFOOD ALL THE WAY! Can I just say that I'm pretty sure we swept away that rolls with veggies as well. 

Our first plate! My cousin was the one doing the grilling and when I was turning the food, and like tossing them like frying stuff, she was like, don't do that! The spicy stuff would mix with the normal ones and I was like, AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! Because whatever you do, that thing would happen. Don't even bother segregating.

Okay I have a kwento. Our friend Diana is supposed to join us but she can't make it unless it's like a holiday, dinner, or weekends. And the thing is the fee is kind of different in all those situations so I was like, we can't probably make it all together. Here's the deal. The buffet fee is 520 php on weekdays except holidays and higher on weekends and holidays of course and then when it's dinner, weekends, or holidays, you have to pay an extra to avail their all-you-can-drink promo so it's really better if it's lunch, non-holiday, and weekday. Hooray!

Cousin's face! LOL. She's like talking to the stuff on her plate and it's as if she's telling them something like, "just be patient." Okay I'll stop. LOL.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

CL is THE Baddest Female

So I don't know if I told you guys already that 2NE1 is actually my favorite Korean girl group and this music video is actually a video of their leader, CL. 

So the video started with CL just semi shaking her hips on the red carpet and then there were many camera flashing like crazy and she's just like, whatever y'all.

CL being CL. Can I just say that even though CL is not the oldest in 2NE1, I sometimes feel like she's the oldest because of the way she sometimes acts and stuff like that. I don't mean it in a bad way though.

The scene above is probably my favorite one. I generally like the idea of the swing having the letters CL as the sides . 

Just like any other Kpop videos, the ending was kind of confusing. I strongly believe that this is an add but it really reminds me of Luna Lovegood's episode where she lost her shoes and found it hanging somewhere. this is like its modern replica. Okay, we're cool with this, yeah?

And this is the part when CL was standing with the flag and she said something like, NOT BAD AS IN BAD. BAD AS IN GOOD. That was a what the heck moment so I don't know. I actually don't like the song that much. I even bothered searching for the translated lyrics and it disappointed me even more. I must say that the video is great though.Typical of 2NE1. And there's also a lot of cameos and stuff which is good. 

I Won't Go Home Without You!

Yesterday, I decided to renew my driving license which expired last Feb 14  and it's never a good thing to have an expired license around. I did a little bit of research before going to the renewal center and people generally had a good and easy experience but I didn't feel that ease that much. Although it's really so much better than the initial license application. I guess it's also my fault that I didn't go there early enough. But anyways. I went out my cousin at around 10 am and we reached the renewal center an hour after and then what? The guy at the counter said that I could fill in the form thingy and just come back after 1 because they have a cut off daw. Wow ha. I wish I could have a 2 hour break din. So what can I do? I filled in the form and submitted it to the guy and left the place. It's a good thing that it's very near a mall so we went. 

Before going out our house, we already decided to eat at Yakimix because my cousin told me she haven't eaten there yet so since I had a good experience before, I agreed! I will have a separate post about my Yakimix experience part 2 right after this particular post so you could look forward to that. Or not. Whatever. NO REGRETS. 

Okay so the last picture I would be showing you guys is the most wonderful experience of yesterday. When I finally got my license, which took us about 3 long hours, we went back to the mall and then I saw this! And of course, must take pictures! I actually don't pay much attention to posters but then this is like divine intervention. So that was my day yesterday. It was so much fun! :) Can I just say that I was really happy when I saw my license picture. I hope I can show you my previous one but that picture is a mess, to be honest. I was supposed to take a picture of that but my cousin wanted to play Candy Crush on my phone and when she already finished playing, the lady at the counter already called me and asked me to surrender the previous one so, too bad. Also, can I just say that I didn't know you could look at a person and know their blood pressure right away. If you want to know how it's done, then ask the doctor in charge in that license renewal center because I don't know. Magic perhaps. That's all! :) 

Monday, 27 May 2013

Safe Haven Troubles

I was kind of hesitant to watch Safe Haven because I was thinking, I'm not really ready for heavy drama or something because I'm keener in watching travel related films as of the moment and this I downloaded (illegally) because I've heard quite a lot of good things about it. Michelle Phan's review is one. I also read reviews online and even though I was not ready for a heavy film, I watched it anyways. Just to get over it. There were quite a lot of bad reviews saying it's a bad movie with bad actors and stuff but actually, I kind of liked it. Okay let's just put it out there! For some reason, I always see something good in a movie or like everything but whatever. Except probably the movie When in Rome. Okay, maybe the Rome part was okay.

I don't think I'm spoiling the movie because it's been out for a while now so here it goes. The movie started like it's some sort of a horror story which confused me a little bit. I didn't like it. I  was like, ME NO LIKEY HEAVY DRAMA THIS TIME MORE SO HORROR! This movie is about a girl named Erin or Katie who's married to an alcoholic police officer named Kevin who she unintentionally stabbed because she was trying to defend herself from this drunkard so yeah. After she stabbed the guy, she decided to leave and she went to a small town. I think there's a little difference when it comes to the place between the book and the movie but it doesn't matter. 

The bus stopped over a convenience store which is owned by a fine man named Alex with apparently two kids. The story is that his wife died of cancer so he's taking care of his two kids. Just saying. Okay and then for some reason, this Katie decided not to go back up the bus anymore and just stayed there.She entered a kind of little restaurant and then she asked if they need a hand or something and then she got hired. She also found a place to stay and then that's pretty much what she needed, yeah? After some time, she found a girl outside her place named Jo and then she was a little bit skeptical at first but they became friends anyway. And then she was giving Katie advice and stuff like that. So okay. Whatever. 

You're probably wondering why is there a drawing of a camera at the beginning. Well the reason is, there's this one scene where the family went to the beach and then Alex's son didn't want his pictures taken and asked why he's kept taking pictures and then Alex was like, I want to remember this moment. And then his son said try to remember what's out of the camera. And I was like, STOP RIGHT THERE YOUNG MAN. Even the greatest wizard of them all needs a Pensieve so you can just stop right there kid. Just kidding. So yeah. And with that being said, must take more pictures from now on! 

Okay so Alex and Katie kind of fell in love which is probably the predictable part and then on the later part, Alex found out that Katie is a wander murdered and that her real name is Erin and then he immediately asked her to leave. Katie then thought that it's really the best thing to do and just packed her things and there's this friend Jo who asked her not to and to figure things out but she disregarded that and proceeded with her plan to leave. Okay so then Alex followed her and told her not to leave anymore which in reality would make me angry because that's like wasting energy and resources. I'm just saying. So yeah that happened. 

And then on the Fourth of July, this drunkard was able to reach the town where Katie is and can I just say that I was impressed by this guy's determination but nothing else. So when he reached the town, he searched here and there and then he found where Katie lived and because Katie didn't want to return to him she asked him to leave! When he returned, he poured gasoline everywhere and then because they're having a Firework show and stuff, it somehow hit that gasoline spot and then the house was lit on fire. Good thing Alex saw it and he was able to return and rescue his daughter who Katie asked to stay upstairs right away when Alex left because she's obviously aware what her husband is capable of. So when the daughter was saved, Katie was able to shot Alex and again it was because she was trying to protect herself. 

So Alex was able to save some things from that fire incident and then he gave her a letter addressed TO HER and it somehow moved me. Basically, it said something like take care of her family and help her daughter on her wedding day and stuff like that and then, there's a photo included in that which is like the twist because the friend she met there which is Jo is the same person as the deceased wife of Alex. I already expected that because I searched, right? But it was still a turning point and somehow still shocking. Or moving.

I don't think that it is a shabby movie or something because I like the story. In real life, we're not perfect actors and actresses because you know how they sometimes exaggerate normal life scenario on films right? That's not what you call good, people. I think it was quite believable but not rubbish at all. I like the twist that happened. I mean, I would probably freak out if I found out that I was talking to a dead person all through out but I like it. I like how family oriented the film is and you know. I think it's rare though to see a man like that and I think it might be a little too fictional or probably it's just me but I actually admire that kind of character. As of my favorite character, I think Jo is my favorite character. She's very thoughtful and lovable and I think she gave me an idea of writing letters to certain people when time comes. I don't know. Try to watch it guys. I mean, if you're into family oriented films, this is nice. That's all I have to say. 

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Memory Corner | Flashback Friday 1

1. When I was still on my third year, we were divided in maybe 6 groups? And then one time, we were asked to perform a test using Clinitest and the thing is only one member would perform that and since my groupmates are kind of hesitant to do it that time because our instructor told us it's expensive, dangerous, and whatever, I took the challenge and yeah, I was the one to do it in our group. I pretty sure thought that it is a big deal back then but after internship, not so much. But yeah. I'm proud of myself for volunteering and stuff.

2. Picture with two of my closest college friends at a place I don't even know the name but we actually go there pretty often so yeah. They serve good food but it's relatively expensive for students so whatever.

3. It's an Okonomiyaki! It's sort of like a vegetable pancake which I really really like. It's not as popular as Takoyaki in the Philippines and I don't actually know many places that serve it. This one in particular is from Suzuki's. If you watched Survivor Philippines (which I didn't), there's a Jap guy there named I don't know basta he's Jap and then dad is actually friends with his dad and then they have this little eatery outside their house somewhere in Tondo so yeah.

4. A friend of mine during our retreat at Caleruega during our Pajama Party. Nothing much. Just drinking that blue something. 

5. This is during our first internship and then I believe it was like the birthday of one of the pathologists there and then they gave lechon to the staffs right? The staffs were nice enough to share some to some interns. And then! Like what other staffs do, this co-intern of mine heated it in the MicroBio Lab. I can almost hear the cool senior staff who always tells us "SIGE PAKAININ NIYO ANG MGA Pseudomonas." 

Friday, 24 May 2013

What is the Life I Want?

I'm feeling really dramatic right now but I would like to let this go just like any of the stories I've told you. Okay so here it goes. While looking at my Facebook, I kept seeing stuff like people already having their Med School ID, people trying their med uniforms and stuff like that. I pretty much thought that graduating with a bachelor's degree would actually solve this thing in my head but apparently not. 

I probably told you guys already how I am really confused whether or not to enter med school but the thing is I'm still confused as eff. I can definitely see myself as a doctor but what I have to go through to get there is probably not for me. See, I confused you as well. A lot of my friends are in med school and a lot of them are entering this school year as well and I can't be anything but happy for them but thinking about myself, it's kind of depressing. Because I can't figure what I'm going to do with my life yet. It's frustrating you know. I am not regretting what I studied in college because I actually liked it for a while. It made me confuse right in the middle of it but you know, I made it through and that's by choice. 

One random night at the Pathology Office during our internship, a friend and I was sitting at the reception area of the laboratory and then my probably favorite pathologist came and asked for something and then she told us that she was there the other day even though it was her off day because she wanted to finish cutting the specimens and then she asked us if we're gonna pursue with our medicine studies. I think we both said yes and then she asked, DO YOU WANT A LIFE LIKE THIS? I don't know if she's encouraging us or not but this is what I can remember from that conversation. She said that being a doctor is no easy job. It's a lifetime commitment. She said that if we're gonna be a doctor, we can't be with our family for too long. We can't sleep straight at night because you have to sign this and that. We can't do this and we can't do that. Yes, it is financially rewarding because once you've finished studying, you will be on auction and you can have the best deal but the things you have to sacrifice to get there, so not worth it. SO THINK ABOUT IT. That hit me like hard. Is this the life I want? I probably told you about the story but I don't know.

I have to be so sure because what? Minimum of 4 years in med school would be minimum of 4 years away from my family and when that 4 years end and I am still not sure of what to do, then I don't really know what I'm gonna do with my life by then, yeah? Because it's not like doing something you're not sure of and if you don't like the result, you can proceed to a new one. Probably decide to specialize on something. It doesn't work like that. I myself doesn't want to be a doctor half-heartedly because we're talking about lives here and that's serious stuff, duh, Mikie? And so yeah. What I'm saying is that, I don't want to be a doctor just for the sake of being a doctor.

What is it that I want? I want to travel. Not for conventions and stuff. Not because there's a new disease and this is what we have to do to cure or prevent it and then go home because I have patients waiting for me to give them prescriptions or I have an operation due. I want to travel to experience and see for myself what the rest of the World is up to. I don't want to talk to family thru the phone or Skype with them while I am on the Doctor's Lounge having my 10 minute break or whatever. I want to spend time with my family. I want to see my sisters grow and become a lady. I don't know. I think being a doctor is a calling but whoever is making the call, I hope you got a good reception and if I feel the urge to answer, then I will.

I probably shouldn't be freaking out right now but you know, sometimes I am being attacked by my demons and stuff so I have to kind of put them somewhere else. Have a good day! :)

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Our Faces

This post is just to brag about my talent in copying faces. Just kidding! I used two apps to achieve the looks I've made. Line Camera which I've used to add the head pieces and then Artoon, an app that you can use to kind of copy or make up a look. Actually, there's an app called iMadeFace which serves the same purpose but since that requires iOs 6 and mine is lower, I don't want to mess up with my phone and update my open lined phone because I might not be able to use it again. Okay enough of the kwento.

My youngest sister is probably the easiest that I did because she's simple and I didn't have to use another app to complete the look and stuff. Our eyes are kind of different from each other but I don't have a choice but to make it all the same in the drawing because that's like the closest they have but anyways, that's not really a big deal. I guess I have to mention though that the hair didn't give justice because my youngest sister's hair is probably the nicest so yeah.

This. I am not impressed by this but if I would look at it side by side, it's pretty similar. My sister's lips are a little bit thinner but the shape is perf and the eyes are probably the same but without too much eyeliner and that's it! :) Just for this look, the hair is kind of the same but on a normal day, much similar to mine (below). Oh can I just share a story? This is totally irrelevant but whatever you.

My sister was watching this and she was complaining why the film is so complicated. She was like, "THIS FILM SHOULD BE IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES." And then when I was asking her who is who, she was confused as eff and she was like, "THERE SHOULD ONLY BE THREE CHARACTERS. LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, THE GRANDMOTHER, AND THE WOLF. NO PETER!" LOL. Preach, girl! Preach. 

I had a hard time doing myself. That's what she said. Anyways, I was like really battling what to put on and my youngest sister would be like, not that one and then she would suggest something ugly and I would be like, that's not me and then she would be like, that's totally you. I made myself a little bit prettier, huh? YUP! HOME COURT ADVANTAGE E. HAHAHA Come on! That's all I have to share! I had fun creating these looks and yeah. I would love to do more in the future but this is all I have for you guys right now. Good vibes! :)

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Nourriture | Food

This is a meal I made before we went to the hospital. I actually don't do much cooking but because my grandma kind of ordered me to do this, I don't have much choice. But I enjoyed it and that was actually the first legit Filipino meal that I cooked. Hooray! I can't really teach you guys how I did it because all you do in this meal is wash and cut your ingredients, and boil it! And then add your seasonings. That's just the way it works. Or at least according to my grandma. So okay. I think the most challenging part is actually the boiling process itself because in order to complete this recipe, you have to make sure that the veggies aren't soggy (which kind of happened) and then the pork is ultra tender (which happened) so it's like 50-50. You guys who cook are probably laughing at me now but whatever. 

This I'm an expert at. FRYING! :) Now this one I actually did just yesterday and I guess the biggest challenge in this one is actually making sure that everything's cooked. LIE! The biggest challenge is maintaining the shape. LOL. So what I did here is I sautéed the bacon with the onion and then I placed them in the same bowl with the eggs and then I placed the mushrooms there as well and then I added seasonings and cooked them again. Okay enough of my cooking. 

Since it's freaking warm, we treated ourselves with Halo-Halo which is always nice. I like them so much. 

Also, we bought some Mango Cake! We split this cake to six because we like to share. AND SAVE MONEY. LOL. TRUE STORY.

And since I did the cutting, MINE HAS MANGO TOPPING. That's all I have for this post guys. I hope you're all doing well. 

Monday, 20 May 2013

Baby Lips by Maybelline Product Review

This is how the thing looks like unopened. It's actually 

The flavor my mom got me was Mixed Berry. I don't know what goodness can it give my lips but it's sure smells delicious or maybe it's because of olfaction and shiz. I don't know. 

This is how the thing looks like and as you can see, it's quite pink already so it's quite obvious that you would get that pink glow it claims to give. It's moisturizing and it's really easy to apply so I'm really happy about this product. 

This is how it looks like on my hand. Don't be fooled though because I applied this when I was about to go to the hospital and then when I looked at the mirror there, my lips were neon. It doesn't look like it for the first few minutes that you would apply it but really? Neon? I was like surprised because WTH? It's probably just my lips or whatever but this is intense. Now, I actually like the color it gives but it was just inappropriate that time. 

You definitely can't see the neon here but this is the pink tinge it gives at first so yeah. On another note, my skin is still at its worst right now. Oh well. 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Flower and Stories

It's just a lovely day today. Not so long ago, this Gumamela bloomed and we were all like excited because I don't know. I saw it in the morning when I was about to make my coffee and then when my sister saw it, she was calling us to see. 

Yesterday, I went home from the hospital because I have to run errands and then I was supposed to go back at night with my uncle but then again he went with his wifey riding his bike instead of his car so I didn't go. I wasn't supposed to go there today because my mom said that she would just be the one to settle things and she just ordered me to watch over my sisters and like, make sure they eat their lunch and stuff like that. I woke up at around 8 and then I went down and left my phone charging and then when I was already playing with the dogs downstairs, our lovely maid (ate Skylove) was running and said my mama is calling so when I answered she basically said that she forgot something so she asked me to follow her there. She asked me to ride a cab but then again I don't want to spend more than what we're spending already so I took a bus and then rode a jeepney instead. I am pretty sure about the bus part because that's how we go to the mall but the jeepney part was kind of hard. It's like, I know the theory but I don't know how to apply it in real life.

My lola is at home now and I'm so happy that she's overall fine. I feel kind of bad for the person in front of my lola's bed at the female ward though because on our first night there, she approached us and talked to us and stuff so the story is that her daughter is not in the country and it's her godchildren watching her and then they were supposed to go out today as well but they don't have enough money with them there. And it's not even their fault. She have two doctors and one of them said that 50,000 pesos would be enough but when the bill came out, it's 17,000 more than what they prepared for. Also, it's Sunday and you know, NO POST ON SUNDAYS. And I doubt if there are owls who can deliver the money that quick so before we left the hospital, the grandchild was going here and there to appeal to the hospital because if they would stay, hospital is kind of a business you know and doctors are like businessmen but whatever. My point is! The hospital bill would just go up if ever the hospital or whoever would't agree for them to write a promissory note saying they would leave now and would just return and pay their balance some other day and stuff so yeah. I hope they were able to talk to whoever and that they were already discharged from the hospital. I don't know I probably wouldn't bring a lot of extra money when I'm told exactly what to prepare for. 

I therefore conclude that being sick is a bitch. It ruins everything. You know, it's like investing and saving money when you're young so that you would have enough money to pay for your health when you get old. When I was talking with my cousin yesterday, we were like, let's be healthy! Let's buy a juicer, let's not eat this and let's not eat that. But then again I craved. I said let's go to Yakimix and she was like, yeah. LOL.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Urgent! But NOT SO Urgent | But Urgent Enough

My cousin was just playing around with the hospital gown and she's actually not the one hospitalized.

Spent overnight at the hospital with my cousin to watch over my lola because she wasn't feeling really good the other day. She got fever and just felt generally unwell. And then we thought that she'll start dialysis already because the agreement was that when we go to this particular hospital, she would undergo dialysis na because she need it na but then my mom and lola are still hesitant to start it because as I've told you before, once it started, there's no turning back. My mom asked the doctor if we can check the creatinine again and compare to the previous result and see whether it drastically went high or if it remained the same. It was STAT so I know that it wouldn't take too long for us to know the results. I must admit that I really got excited when I saw a tackle box containing tubes and syringes because you know, I kind of miss doing it. Anyways. When I asked the nurse on duty for the results, he willingly checked it, relayed the result to me (creatinine) and stuff and he again willingly gave to me. Awesome nurse he is. Thank you nurse! Also, except for the sometimes noisy girl nurses who are kind of irritating, I guess everyone's kind of awesome. It's really kind of difficult (somehow) to experience your relative being a patient because you know, more or less, you know what these medical practitioners are doing. Oh the dietitian was also nice and she explained and answered almost everything my mom and lola asked and then she was asking some questions to us to before she explain stuff and then of course not bragging or anything but I would answer and then she would be like, are you a valedictorian? And I was like, I'm a med-tech and she was like, OH. Funny. Maybe I look like a freshie or something

Her potassium level is right at the middle of the normal range so that's really nice. And even though it went down, which is kind of nice, her creatinine is still sky high. I really hope it would go down. Like, please? I found out that there are four priorities in dialysis. A being the most urgent and D being the least. My grandmother as you may have seen in the collage above is at priority B. Since we're kind of delaying the dialysis process, I hope it (crea) would go down the level her body is okay with. 

Moving right along, I generally like it in that hospital. Although it really took us a little bit too long waiting outside the admission room because we were waiting for a vacant semi private room (as requested by her physician) but it turned out that there's no one going out so we have no choice and my grandma was admitted in a 6 bed female ward which is kind of small with one hospital bed and a long couch sort of but it's really nothing like the two hospitals I interned. It's enclosed with curtains which gave us a little privacy but then again the other patients  and their relatives are noisy so it's kind of annoying, really. But interesting at the same because you know! If you're talking loud enough, then you're letting us hear it so my cousin and I were like eavesdropping  to death. And laughing to death if I may add. I feel bad for my lola for hearing not so good stuff though. Losing hope, and stuff like that. 

Can I just say though that particular hospital is kind of a complicated place and there's so many bridges and stuff like that so it's kind of tiring going in and out the hospital. Also my cousin weren't able to sleep until about 3 am. NOT ME! Since I'm an expert sleeper in awkward positions, I was able to take 3 short short naps on the couch and then I was able to sleep 6 hours straight beside my lola because I'm a pro like that. I feel sorry for my cousin because at around 1 am, I guess. She asked me if I'm using the blanket because that place is really mad cold at night and then I answered ALL THE TIME. And then she fell silent. Why though? Are they trying to inactivate the viruses or what? My lola is feeling okay now which is a good sign. I just hope she would stay that way. She'll go out of the hospital tomorrow. I'm home now but maybe I'll go back laters. Good vibes! :)

Friday, 17 May 2013

Six Degrees of Separation

I'm pretty sure I told you how I like to listen to The Script so let's just skip that part for now. They have a song called Six Degrees of Separation and I decided to kind of find an appropriate picture to describe the song sort of. Play the song somewhere if you could.

For me, this is the worst stage so I really agree with The Script there. This is also what will kill you emotionally. Or maybe that's the second. I don't know. Because I'm pretty sure that these two are partners at some point. 

This is a stupid thing to do over someone because come on! Trying to end your life for someone who doesn't even care makes no sense. Just get over it. Or at least the killing part. I'm pretty sure that in the song, they didn't mean killing as in its literal meaning but I just want to let that one out because it's what the picture depicts. So yeah. WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT TO YOURSELF? 

We don't live in a perfect world with a perfect heart shape like that but you know, shit happens and sabi nga nila sa Filipino, una-una lang yan. No idea too!

That's the spirit! It's all in the mind. Although you might not be fully healed yet, at least you're making an effort. Somehow. You know, that too shall pass! Maybe not today, tomorrow, this week, next week, or this month even but if you'll let it be, you'll be okay. 

This is what I call the make it or break it stage. It's either you be happy that she's with someone else or be sad that she's with someone else. Third wheel thing is kind of a different story but that's kind of applicable as well. If you didn't break up or something and this happened, goodness gracious! Good luck.

This is actually a sad song in general but then again after the sixth degree, you move on to the seventh which is to accept the cruel reality of life and make yourself happy because you deserve it. If you're the one who messed things up, then at some point, you probably deserve to be happy too but I'm not sure. Just kidding! You know, you hopefully picked up something from your mistake and make it right next time. That's all! Good vibes.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

DIY Green Tea Face Mask

For some reason, I think my sister's watching too much YouTube Tutorials and she's been making different masks and stuff like that so I decided to join her little party because my skin is really being a bad bish right now. I don't know if I told you guys about this already because with 478 posts, I don't know what's going on already so yeah. Okay, as I was saying, I break out (as in break out) once a year so that time is now. and when my skin is extra greedy, I would break out twice so hopefully this would be it na for this year. 

1. You have to have green tea leaves and what you can do is that you can prepare yourself a cup of tea and then after you do so, do not throw the leaves because that's what you'll be working on. 

2. Just add a liberal amount of sugar. It actually depends on how gritty you want your mask to be. The more sugar you put, the rougher the mask would be so if you want to exfoliate big time, then add a lot! 

3. Add honey. It has moisturizing property and it'll make your concoction  pasty which will make it easier to apply onto yer face.

4. Mix all the ingredients until you somehow see that it's looking like this. There might be too much honey in this picture but never mind! Also, it'll be very nice if your tea leaves are finer than this because it's rather difficult to apply. Sort of.

5. Apply evenly and leave for five minutes. Or at least that's how long we waited before rinsing this out.
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.