Thursday, 30 May 2013

Us Being Pigs | Yakimix 2.0

I know I told you that this would come right after this blog post but I don't know why I felt like doing a review on CL's new music video. Anyhow. This is really unexpected, you guys. Had I known that we're gonna eat there, I wouldn't have had breakfast. So the branch we went to is at SM North Edsa which I surely didn't see before but my cousin told me she saw it and stuff so yeah. I actually had experience eating here before and I enjoyed it and I thought I wanted to share that experience with my cousin so we went.

We probably took all the prawns in this particular tray because I remember telling my cousin how I am craving for it and that I wanted to go to Yakimix just because of that. But at the end, we thought that it's not really a brilliant idea since it took time for us to open the shell and eat the thing. It's only bad because we only have a limited time to eat. Somehow.

I think we were able to try at least 90% of the raw food because the food that I didn't get on my plate was on my cousin's and we actually share the things we get. Not so much on the cooked food because I feel like we can have it somewhere else. I think. And when I asked my cousin to get us the cooked food, she was like, "never mind".

One piece of advice I could give you is to probably go light with your meats. SEAFOOD ALL THE WAY! Can I just say that I'm pretty sure we swept away that rolls with veggies as well. 

Our first plate! My cousin was the one doing the grilling and when I was turning the food, and like tossing them like frying stuff, she was like, don't do that! The spicy stuff would mix with the normal ones and I was like, AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! Because whatever you do, that thing would happen. Don't even bother segregating.

Okay I have a kwento. Our friend Diana is supposed to join us but she can't make it unless it's like a holiday, dinner, or weekends. And the thing is the fee is kind of different in all those situations so I was like, we can't probably make it all together. Here's the deal. The buffet fee is 520 php on weekdays except holidays and higher on weekends and holidays of course and then when it's dinner, weekends, or holidays, you have to pay an extra to avail their all-you-can-drink promo so it's really better if it's lunch, non-holiday, and weekday. Hooray!

Cousin's face! LOL. She's like talking to the stuff on her plate and it's as if she's telling them something like, "just be patient." Okay I'll stop. LOL.

I also have a kwento on this. My cousin's in charge of the grilling, right? I was then the one taking food for us and she was like, SUSHI! And then when I was getting stuff from this boat, the guy standing there was literally making me feel like I'm getting too much. Not in a bad way or something but he was like asking the chef to make more of the sushi I'm getting while I'm getting it. Oh well. I probably got 4 of each kind so we could have 2 each.

As much as I loved their desert, I was a little bit disappointed because the way they displayed it on the mini bar thing isn't as sophisticated as the one in Robinson's but anyways. The Blueberry Cheesecake is probably my favorite. Which is not on the picture by the way.

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