Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Yakimix. Food Trip!

It was my sister's birthday last Sunday and thank goodness for my schedule. Like, I was from night duty so whatever but the point is I'M OFF. So we went to Robinson's Place Manila a short while after I came home. That would be around 9:00 am I guess? Yup. So we went kind of early to buy my sister stuff.

This is the first plate that I got. Thought I'd share it with you. :)) The best thing that I liked in this buffet is that they have sea foods! Which I like. Actually, there's like a reminder on the table that says we should have a separate plate for cooked and raw stuff but you know, I really wanted to taste their Lechon Kawali so I got a piece of that. Surprisingly good so I definitely recommend you try it whenever you decide to eat there or something. 

Already cooking the stuff I got. I must say that the sea foods are really my fave. I also did enjoy everything else though. 

Hello to my "FROM DUTY" face. Haha mess.Can I just say that I am the person in-charge of actually grilling stuff and putting it to people's plates so when we took most of the photos, I was like "yung niluluto ko masusunog na!" Haha wala lang.

The one with the mayonnaise on top was DELISH! Like, it's not entirely raw. Kind of steamed and it was perfection! The rest was okay. I also like the one with TUNA in it. They also have a wide selection of sweets! Like, heaven.

I think the Chocolate Cake was popular because there were only two slices left on the table.

They got cakes, fruits, ice creams, jellos, tarts, fruit salads, sweet nuts, sweet potato chips, crinkles, cupcakes, and more!

Can I just say that these little things are love? I only had the cheesecakes though because I was already full but others actually don't look as appealing as the cheesecakes. I had two Blueberry Cheesecakse and one Cheese Mousse Cake, 

Awesome, right?

 Can I just say that I've just noticed that there's like a formed heart there? Awesome. And the white cake is actually the Cheese Mousse I was talking about awhile ago.

Us sporting our sweets! :) And mom was quite proud because the one she's holding is the same color as her top. Haha. Yun lang.

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