Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I Won't Go Home Without You!

Yesterday, I decided to renew my driving license which expired last Feb 14  and it's never a good thing to have an expired license around. I did a little bit of research before going to the renewal center and people generally had a good and easy experience but I didn't feel that ease that much. Although it's really so much better than the initial license application. I guess it's also my fault that I didn't go there early enough. But anyways. I went out my cousin at around 10 am and we reached the renewal center an hour after and then what? The guy at the counter said that I could fill in the form thingy and just come back after 1 because they have a cut off daw. Wow ha. I wish I could have a 2 hour break din. So what can I do? I filled in the form and submitted it to the guy and left the place. It's a good thing that it's very near a mall so we went. 

Before going out our house, we already decided to eat at Yakimix because my cousin told me she haven't eaten there yet so since I had a good experience before, I agreed! I will have a separate post about my Yakimix experience part 2 right after this particular post so you could look forward to that. Or not. Whatever. NO REGRETS. 

Okay so the last picture I would be showing you guys is the most wonderful experience of yesterday. When I finally got my license, which took us about 3 long hours, we went back to the mall and then I saw this! And of course, must take pictures! I actually don't pay much attention to posters but then this is like divine intervention. So that was my day yesterday. It was so much fun! :) Can I just say that I was really happy when I saw my license picture. I hope I can show you my previous one but that picture is a mess, to be honest. I was supposed to take a picture of that but my cousin wanted to play Candy Crush on my phone and when she already finished playing, the lady at the counter already called me and asked me to surrender the previous one so, too bad. Also, can I just say that I didn't know you could look at a person and know their blood pressure right away. If you want to know how it's done, then ask the doctor in charge in that license renewal center because I don't know. Magic perhaps. That's all! :) 

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