Monday, 27 May 2013

Safe Haven Troubles

I was kind of hesitant to watch Safe Haven because I was thinking, I'm not really ready for heavy drama or something because I'm keener in watching travel related films as of the moment and this I downloaded (illegally) because I've heard quite a lot of good things about it. Michelle Phan's review is one. I also read reviews online and even though I was not ready for a heavy film, I watched it anyways. Just to get over it. There were quite a lot of bad reviews saying it's a bad movie with bad actors and stuff but actually, I kind of liked it. Okay let's just put it out there! For some reason, I always see something good in a movie or like everything but whatever. Except probably the movie When in Rome. Okay, maybe the Rome part was okay.

I don't think I'm spoiling the movie because it's been out for a while now so here it goes. The movie started like it's some sort of a horror story which confused me a little bit. I didn't like it. I  was like, ME NO LIKEY HEAVY DRAMA THIS TIME MORE SO HORROR! This movie is about a girl named Erin or Katie who's married to an alcoholic police officer named Kevin who she unintentionally stabbed because she was trying to defend herself from this drunkard so yeah. After she stabbed the guy, she decided to leave and she went to a small town. I think there's a little difference when it comes to the place between the book and the movie but it doesn't matter. 

The bus stopped over a convenience store which is owned by a fine man named Alex with apparently two kids. The story is that his wife died of cancer so he's taking care of his two kids. Just saying. Okay and then for some reason, this Katie decided not to go back up the bus anymore and just stayed there.She entered a kind of little restaurant and then she asked if they need a hand or something and then she got hired. She also found a place to stay and then that's pretty much what she needed, yeah? After some time, she found a girl outside her place named Jo and then she was a little bit skeptical at first but they became friends anyway. And then she was giving Katie advice and stuff like that. So okay. Whatever. 

You're probably wondering why is there a drawing of a camera at the beginning. Well the reason is, there's this one scene where the family went to the beach and then Alex's son didn't want his pictures taken and asked why he's kept taking pictures and then Alex was like, I want to remember this moment. And then his son said try to remember what's out of the camera. And I was like, STOP RIGHT THERE YOUNG MAN. Even the greatest wizard of them all needs a Pensieve so you can just stop right there kid. Just kidding. So yeah. And with that being said, must take more pictures from now on! 

Okay so Alex and Katie kind of fell in love which is probably the predictable part and then on the later part, Alex found out that Katie is a wander murdered and that her real name is Erin and then he immediately asked her to leave. Katie then thought that it's really the best thing to do and just packed her things and there's this friend Jo who asked her not to and to figure things out but she disregarded that and proceeded with her plan to leave. Okay so then Alex followed her and told her not to leave anymore which in reality would make me angry because that's like wasting energy and resources. I'm just saying. So yeah that happened. 

And then on the Fourth of July, this drunkard was able to reach the town where Katie is and can I just say that I was impressed by this guy's determination but nothing else. So when he reached the town, he searched here and there and then he found where Katie lived and because Katie didn't want to return to him she asked him to leave! When he returned, he poured gasoline everywhere and then because they're having a Firework show and stuff, it somehow hit that gasoline spot and then the house was lit on fire. Good thing Alex saw it and he was able to return and rescue his daughter who Katie asked to stay upstairs right away when Alex left because she's obviously aware what her husband is capable of. So when the daughter was saved, Katie was able to shot Alex and again it was because she was trying to protect herself. 

So Alex was able to save some things from that fire incident and then he gave her a letter addressed TO HER and it somehow moved me. Basically, it said something like take care of her family and help her daughter on her wedding day and stuff like that and then, there's a photo included in that which is like the twist because the friend she met there which is Jo is the same person as the deceased wife of Alex. I already expected that because I searched, right? But it was still a turning point and somehow still shocking. Or moving.

I don't think that it is a shabby movie or something because I like the story. In real life, we're not perfect actors and actresses because you know how they sometimes exaggerate normal life scenario on films right? That's not what you call good, people. I think it was quite believable but not rubbish at all. I like the twist that happened. I mean, I would probably freak out if I found out that I was talking to a dead person all through out but I like it. I like how family oriented the film is and you know. I think it's rare though to see a man like that and I think it might be a little too fictional or probably it's just me but I actually admire that kind of character. As of my favorite character, I think Jo is my favorite character. She's very thoughtful and lovable and I think she gave me an idea of writing letters to certain people when time comes. I don't know. Try to watch it guys. I mean, if you're into family oriented films, this is nice. That's all I have to say. 

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