Saturday, 25 May 2013

Memory Corner | Flashback Friday 1

1. When I was still on my third year, we were divided in maybe 6 groups? And then one time, we were asked to perform a test using Clinitest and the thing is only one member would perform that and since my groupmates are kind of hesitant to do it that time because our instructor told us it's expensive, dangerous, and whatever, I took the challenge and yeah, I was the one to do it in our group. I pretty sure thought that it is a big deal back then but after internship, not so much. But yeah. I'm proud of myself for volunteering and stuff.

2. Picture with two of my closest college friends at a place I don't even know the name but we actually go there pretty often so yeah. They serve good food but it's relatively expensive for students so whatever.

3. It's an Okonomiyaki! It's sort of like a vegetable pancake which I really really like. It's not as popular as Takoyaki in the Philippines and I don't actually know many places that serve it. This one in particular is from Suzuki's. If you watched Survivor Philippines (which I didn't), there's a Jap guy there named I don't know basta he's Jap and then dad is actually friends with his dad and then they have this little eatery outside their house somewhere in Tondo so yeah.

4. A friend of mine during our retreat at Caleruega during our Pajama Party. Nothing much. Just drinking that blue something. 

5. This is during our first internship and then I believe it was like the birthday of one of the pathologists there and then they gave lechon to the staffs right? The staffs were nice enough to share some to some interns. And then! Like what other staffs do, this co-intern of mine heated it in the MicroBio Lab. I can almost hear the cool senior staff who always tells us "SIGE PAKAININ NIYO ANG MGA Pseudomonas." 


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