Wednesday, 29 May 2013

CL is THE Baddest Female

So I don't know if I told you guys already that 2NE1 is actually my favorite Korean girl group and this music video is actually a video of their leader, CL. 

So the video started with CL just semi shaking her hips on the red carpet and then there were many camera flashing like crazy and she's just like, whatever y'all.

CL being CL. Can I just say that even though CL is not the oldest in 2NE1, I sometimes feel like she's the oldest because of the way she sometimes acts and stuff like that. I don't mean it in a bad way though.

The scene above is probably my favorite one. I generally like the idea of the swing having the letters CL as the sides . 

Just like any other Kpop videos, the ending was kind of confusing. I strongly believe that this is an add but it really reminds me of Luna Lovegood's episode where she lost her shoes and found it hanging somewhere. this is like its modern replica. Okay, we're cool with this, yeah?

And this is the part when CL was standing with the flag and she said something like, NOT BAD AS IN BAD. BAD AS IN GOOD. That was a what the heck moment so I don't know. I actually don't like the song that much. I even bothered searching for the translated lyrics and it disappointed me even more. I must say that the video is great though.Typical of 2NE1. And there's also a lot of cameos and stuff which is good. 

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