Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Nourriture | Food

This is a meal I made before we went to the hospital. I actually don't do much cooking but because my grandma kind of ordered me to do this, I don't have much choice. But I enjoyed it and that was actually the first legit Filipino meal that I cooked. Hooray! I can't really teach you guys how I did it because all you do in this meal is wash and cut your ingredients, and boil it! And then add your seasonings. That's just the way it works. Or at least according to my grandma. So okay. I think the most challenging part is actually the boiling process itself because in order to complete this recipe, you have to make sure that the veggies aren't soggy (which kind of happened) and then the pork is ultra tender (which happened) so it's like 50-50. You guys who cook are probably laughing at me now but whatever. 

This I'm an expert at. FRYING! :) Now this one I actually did just yesterday and I guess the biggest challenge in this one is actually making sure that everything's cooked. LIE! The biggest challenge is maintaining the shape. LOL. So what I did here is I sautéed the bacon with the onion and then I placed them in the same bowl with the eggs and then I placed the mushrooms there as well and then I added seasonings and cooked them again. Okay enough of my cooking. 

Since it's freaking warm, we treated ourselves with Halo-Halo which is always nice. I like them so much. 

Also, we bought some Mango Cake! We split this cake to six because we like to share. AND SAVE MONEY. LOL. TRUE STORY.

And since I did the cutting, MINE HAS MANGO TOPPING. That's all I have for this post guys. I hope you're all doing well. 

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