Thursday, 23 May 2013

Our Faces

This post is just to brag about my talent in copying faces. Just kidding! I used two apps to achieve the looks I've made. Line Camera which I've used to add the head pieces and then Artoon, an app that you can use to kind of copy or make up a look. Actually, there's an app called iMadeFace which serves the same purpose but since that requires iOs 6 and mine is lower, I don't want to mess up with my phone and update my open lined phone because I might not be able to use it again. Okay enough of the kwento.

My youngest sister is probably the easiest that I did because she's simple and I didn't have to use another app to complete the look and stuff. Our eyes are kind of different from each other but I don't have a choice but to make it all the same in the drawing because that's like the closest they have but anyways, that's not really a big deal. I guess I have to mention though that the hair didn't give justice because my youngest sister's hair is probably the nicest so yeah.

This. I am not impressed by this but if I would look at it side by side, it's pretty similar. My sister's lips are a little bit thinner but the shape is perf and the eyes are probably the same but without too much eyeliner and that's it! :) Just for this look, the hair is kind of the same but on a normal day, much similar to mine (below). Oh can I just share a story? This is totally irrelevant but whatever you.

My sister was watching this and she was complaining why the film is so complicated. She was like, "THIS FILM SHOULD BE IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES." And then when I was asking her who is who, she was confused as eff and she was like, "THERE SHOULD ONLY BE THREE CHARACTERS. LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, THE GRANDMOTHER, AND THE WOLF. NO PETER!" LOL. Preach, girl! Preach. 

I had a hard time doing myself. That's what she said. Anyways, I was like really battling what to put on and my youngest sister would be like, not that one and then she would suggest something ugly and I would be like, that's not me and then she would be like, that's totally you. I made myself a little bit prettier, huh? YUP! HOME COURT ADVANTAGE E. HAHAHA Come on! That's all I have to share! I had fun creating these looks and yeah. I would love to do more in the future but this is all I have for you guys right now. Good vibes! :)

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