Thursday, 16 May 2013

DIY Green Tea Face Mask

For some reason, I think my sister's watching too much YouTube Tutorials and she's been making different masks and stuff like that so I decided to join her little party because my skin is really being a bad bish right now. I don't know if I told you guys about this already because with 478 posts, I don't know what's going on already so yeah. Okay, as I was saying, I break out (as in break out) once a year so that time is now. and when my skin is extra greedy, I would break out twice so hopefully this would be it na for this year. 

1. You have to have green tea leaves and what you can do is that you can prepare yourself a cup of tea and then after you do so, do not throw the leaves because that's what you'll be working on. 

2. Just add a liberal amount of sugar. It actually depends on how gritty you want your mask to be. The more sugar you put, the rougher the mask would be so if you want to exfoliate big time, then add a lot! 

3. Add honey. It has moisturizing property and it'll make your concoction  pasty which will make it easier to apply onto yer face.

4. Mix all the ingredients until you somehow see that it's looking like this. There might be too much honey in this picture but never mind! Also, it'll be very nice if your tea leaves are finer than this because it's rather difficult to apply. Sort of.

5. Apply evenly and leave for five minutes. Or at least that's how long we waited before rinsing this out.


  1. It seems a nice mask . I prefer using a natural product rather than anything !
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. it's a great idea! I like drinking green tea :)

  3. I tried that too! But my face itch like hell during and after I put it to my face well, I think I'll just stick on drinking it regularly. :)


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