Saturday, 18 May 2013

Urgent! But NOT SO Urgent | But Urgent Enough

My cousin was just playing around with the hospital gown and she's actually not the one hospitalized.

Spent overnight at the hospital with my cousin to watch over my lola because she wasn't feeling really good the other day. She got fever and just felt generally unwell. And then we thought that she'll start dialysis already because the agreement was that when we go to this particular hospital, she would undergo dialysis na because she need it na but then my mom and lola are still hesitant to start it because as I've told you before, once it started, there's no turning back. My mom asked the doctor if we can check the creatinine again and compare to the previous result and see whether it drastically went high or if it remained the same. It was STAT so I know that it wouldn't take too long for us to know the results. I must admit that I really got excited when I saw a tackle box containing tubes and syringes because you know, I kind of miss doing it. Anyways. When I asked the nurse on duty for the results, he willingly checked it, relayed the result to me (creatinine) and stuff and he again willingly gave to me. Awesome nurse he is. Thank you nurse! Also, except for the sometimes noisy girl nurses who are kind of irritating, I guess everyone's kind of awesome. It's really kind of difficult (somehow) to experience your relative being a patient because you know, more or less, you know what these medical practitioners are doing. Oh the dietitian was also nice and she explained and answered almost everything my mom and lola asked and then she was asking some questions to us to before she explain stuff and then of course not bragging or anything but I would answer and then she would be like, are you a valedictorian? And I was like, I'm a med-tech and she was like, OH. Funny. Maybe I look like a freshie or something

Her potassium level is right at the middle of the normal range so that's really nice. And even though it went down, which is kind of nice, her creatinine is still sky high. I really hope it would go down. Like, please? I found out that there are four priorities in dialysis. A being the most urgent and D being the least. My grandmother as you may have seen in the collage above is at priority B. Since we're kind of delaying the dialysis process, I hope it (crea) would go down the level her body is okay with. 

Moving right along, I generally like it in that hospital. Although it really took us a little bit too long waiting outside the admission room because we were waiting for a vacant semi private room (as requested by her physician) but it turned out that there's no one going out so we have no choice and my grandma was admitted in a 6 bed female ward which is kind of small with one hospital bed and a long couch sort of but it's really nothing like the two hospitals I interned. It's enclosed with curtains which gave us a little privacy but then again the other patients  and their relatives are noisy so it's kind of annoying, really. But interesting at the same because you know! If you're talking loud enough, then you're letting us hear it so my cousin and I were like eavesdropping  to death. And laughing to death if I may add. I feel bad for my lola for hearing not so good stuff though. Losing hope, and stuff like that. 

Can I just say though that particular hospital is kind of a complicated place and there's so many bridges and stuff like that so it's kind of tiring going in and out the hospital. Also my cousin weren't able to sleep until about 3 am. NOT ME! Since I'm an expert sleeper in awkward positions, I was able to take 3 short short naps on the couch and then I was able to sleep 6 hours straight beside my lola because I'm a pro like that. I feel sorry for my cousin because at around 1 am, I guess. She asked me if I'm using the blanket because that place is really mad cold at night and then I answered ALL THE TIME. And then she fell silent. Why though? Are they trying to inactivate the viruses or what? My lola is feeling okay now which is a good sign. I just hope she would stay that way. She'll go out of the hospital tomorrow. I'm home now but maybe I'll go back laters. Good vibes! :)

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