Sunday, 19 May 2013

Flower and Stories

It's just a lovely day today. Not so long ago, this Gumamela bloomed and we were all like excited because I don't know. I saw it in the morning when I was about to make my coffee and then when my sister saw it, she was calling us to see. 

Yesterday, I went home from the hospital because I have to run errands and then I was supposed to go back at night with my uncle but then again he went with his wifey riding his bike instead of his car so I didn't go. I wasn't supposed to go there today because my mom said that she would just be the one to settle things and she just ordered me to watch over my sisters and like, make sure they eat their lunch and stuff like that. I woke up at around 8 and then I went down and left my phone charging and then when I was already playing with the dogs downstairs, our lovely maid (ate Skylove) was running and said my mama is calling so when I answered she basically said that she forgot something so she asked me to follow her there. She asked me to ride a cab but then again I don't want to spend more than what we're spending already so I took a bus and then rode a jeepney instead. I am pretty sure about the bus part because that's how we go to the mall but the jeepney part was kind of hard. It's like, I know the theory but I don't know how to apply it in real life.

My lola is at home now and I'm so happy that she's overall fine. I feel kind of bad for the person in front of my lola's bed at the female ward though because on our first night there, she approached us and talked to us and stuff so the story is that her daughter is not in the country and it's her godchildren watching her and then they were supposed to go out today as well but they don't have enough money with them there. And it's not even their fault. She have two doctors and one of them said that 50,000 pesos would be enough but when the bill came out, it's 17,000 more than what they prepared for. Also, it's Sunday and you know, NO POST ON SUNDAYS. And I doubt if there are owls who can deliver the money that quick so before we left the hospital, the grandchild was going here and there to appeal to the hospital because if they would stay, hospital is kind of a business you know and doctors are like businessmen but whatever. My point is! The hospital bill would just go up if ever the hospital or whoever would't agree for them to write a promissory note saying they would leave now and would just return and pay their balance some other day and stuff so yeah. I hope they were able to talk to whoever and that they were already discharged from the hospital. I don't know I probably wouldn't bring a lot of extra money when I'm told exactly what to prepare for. 

I therefore conclude that being sick is a bitch. It ruins everything. You know, it's like investing and saving money when you're young so that you would have enough money to pay for your health when you get old. When I was talking with my cousin yesterday, we were like, let's be healthy! Let's buy a juicer, let's not eat this and let's not eat that. But then again I craved. I said let's go to Yakimix and she was like, yeah. LOL.

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