Friday, 31 May 2013

Paris and Prada

Well actually, this is just a Paris appreciation post. Haha and a little bit of The Devil Wears Prada review. I downloaded it this week and was able to watch it the other day so let's keep moving, shall we? We shall. Okay my thought after watching the movie. It actually really inspired me to pursue my dreams. Whatever that is. Okay this is kind of vague but I got it. I got it. Or at least I think.

The Devil Wears Prada approves that Paris is the biggest deal of the year so whatever and for some reason, I can really identify with Andrea pretty much. The main story is that she got hired to be Miranda's assistant in New York and even though it isn't an easy job (AT ALL), and she's not really into fashion (when she applied) she stayed and worked hard because she had a vision. A vision of meeting other people through the job. Other people that might get her somewhere else. Good thinking. I really think that her dream to be a journalist is the same as my dream to travel. So it's almost the same. I don't really mind what work I should do and stuff. As long as it would take me to the places I want to be, then be it. 

Paris isn't sported as much in the film as much as I wanted to but I was able to pick up some life lessons and that's just awesome. Paris at night is a win-win though. Me likey. There should be more films showing the beautiful city at night. Midnight in Paris is one but that's like so midnight that I didn't really appreciate the lights and stuff anymore. Although I did love the vintage feel of it.

My favorite character got to be Emily, I think. Because she's so dedicated and she even helped Andrea to survive that job at the beginning. And she likes Paris. I don't know if this is a bad thing or good thing but I don't see myself as Miranda Priestly as much. Sure I used to want to own a fashion company but now I actually can see myself more being Andrea. Mmm...I just think that being Miranda is like being in control of everything. It can be good or bad though.  If you're in control, then you can do everything you want without having to consider other's opinion. It's also a bad thing for me because it might get a little one sided and if all else fails, you know that it's you to blame. And knowing that you can control the situation, you would probably just blame someone else. Which once again, you can. So yeah. Although Miranda's  character is somehow likeable, I can't understand her completely. I love that she wants the best for her twins though. Let alone that unpublished Harry Potter manuscript. OMG! So yeah. At the end, Andrea found a job that's more of her style and she said she learned a lot from her previous job and that's what I want as well. Learn. Good vibes! 

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