Friday, 31 May 2013

Memory Corner | Flashback Friday 2

1. I believe I got these Kisses from my mom together with some other stuff on my 20th Birthday. My likey chocolates! But not as much as Blueberry Cheesecake! Okay never mind. LOL. Can I just share that in Japan, or even in Korea and probably some other places, it's the ladies' job to make chocolates to the guy they like but in the Philippines, it's kind of the reverse so it's somehow interesting. I remember my Hidemi told me a story about her making a guy mini chocolates but didn't give it because when she asked another friend to taste it, the friend told her that it looks like poop. LOL. On another note, I guess I'm just very lucky that I always get something on Valentine's Day. Of course! It's my birthday. Back to the Kisses though, as much as like almonds, I think I enjoyed the Cookies 'n' Creme more. 

2. This is during our first internship, Histology-Pathology department. I probably told you many times that this is my favorite post. And I miss my post mates! This shot is taken when they're mounting the specimens whilst I'm preparing the gum labels. Oh can we just spot on that one guy who's just being nosey and not doing anything? LOL.  And the only girl is MTLEX March 2013's Top 5. And yay for the mangoes! I really like how homey this place is. It's like being at home away from home while having internship. I don't really remember getting tired or like going home tired when I was still in this post. One more kwento is that one day, I lost my internship nameplate and I am certain that it was on my uniform because I remember like seeing it but like at the end of the day, when Tin and I are on our way out, I was like, there's something missing. And then I noticed that my black nameplate is gone. Tin and I then searched for it but come on! It was nighttime and let alone the nameplate is black so we really had a hard time and I just said that we should just stop. I remember I was off the next day and Tin wouldn't be around since it's their seminar day at school so I asked another post mate to ask the staff whether they saw it on the floor or something but I didn't get anything so I though I lost it. Which would suck because that would mean I have to have it done and that I would have to pay again. So come Thursday, after our usual morning routine, the senior staff was like, "hey, Kim! we saw your nameplate on the floor the other night". I then turned around to this post mate who I asked a favor to and he was like, "sorry, I forgot to ask them". LOL. Good times! 

3. Eating Krispy Kreme on our last day of duty. We are both actually from night duty but for some reason, she managed to stay and celebrate the thing but I was like, nah, I'm going to sleep. Actually, I think I was the only one from the night duty group who went home. Sorry! So yeah I think I had two pieces of doughnuts. Oh this one is kind of related to number 2. He was actually the one who brought in the doughnuts! 

4. Still connected to number 3! Okay I got this before our Tuesday class at UST and I don't know but this is kind of very dramatic but I swear she was like back to her jolly self when she heard the shutter sound.  Jam is actually my group mate during our first internship and I really didn't expect that we would be kind of close friends. Well, I didn't expect anyone to be my friend to be fair so whatever. But yeah, she's so nice and fun to be with. Totally unrelated now, can I just say that I hate the fact that iPhone camera's shutter sound can't be turned down or off. What an ANTI-STALKER DEVICE. Silent feature of the phone doesn't make sense then. What a shame. 


  1. My uncle once brought me two packs of these kisses and I was in love with their taste.

    1. I hope the packets would contain more though. But it was delish! :)


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