Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Why Medical Technology?

What should I say? You didn't think I chose this as my first choice, right? Since it's all over now, I would like to share why I ended up with this course a few years ago.

I can still remember clearly when my mom asked me what I want to study in college. I then said NURSING. Not because it's in-demand or not because it's what's "IN" but because I really wanted to be a nurse. My mom disapproved of that and said I wouldn't be a good nurse because I'm BURARA daw hahaha. Which I didn't take quite seriously and just carried on. This may sound odd but from that day forward, I researched on things I potentially want to study. Psychology, pharmacy, tourism management, biology, and accountancy are some of the courses I considered but my mom said NO once again. And for some reason, I still didn't take that seriously. Okay, I should just carry on. Then one day, she suggested Medical Technology to me and I was totally clueless what the heck that is and then mom provided me with the information that it's the course of the person who do home service sort of and the one who's getting blood sample from her every once in a while for her laboratory tests. Not bad, I thought. I told myself that if I can't be a nurse, I wouldn't want to go that far. So I was okay with Medical Technology. The next thing I researched on is what universities offer such. MCU, CEU, and UST. Cool. 

I consulted my mom with this and she said I should just go to MCU because it's nearest our place. I don't know but I kind of don't want to be there since college for me is about exploring things, having fun, and all that and since it's near our place, it didn't really excite me that much. CEU was okay for me because my best friend actually intended to go there as well. But my mom told me that if I want to be a Medical Technologist, I should go to a university with a hospital because that means that the course is really one of their expertise. It makes sense but not really. And then UST. To be honest, UST actually scared the hell out of me because it's just something I am terrified of for some reason. Wait, what? You know, when I was younger, my grand mother's sister would always say "IKAW SA UST KA SIGURO MAG-AARAL" And I didn't know UST that time. But since we're talking about bright future and stuff, I assumed it's hard to go in and all that stuff.

Come entrance exam, I am very certain that my mom would really insist for me to go MCU so I didn't take their application form and I didn't even visit the place to check what's happening there or whatever. I did take CEU's entrance exam which I gladly passed and I also took USTET which I think I didn't pass but it turned out differently. I actually don't know what happened but I was really okay with the whole exam except READING COMPREHENSION. I was answering the questions regarding the first paragraph when the proctor asked us to submit the paper. I think there were 5 paragraphs all in all. And I was totally hopeless that time.

But I made it! :) I can still remember my high school adviser distributing the envelopes that contain whether or not we got accepted at UST and I can still remember his smile and said, you passed. Oh well.

Medical Technology is a degree and a profession unknown to many people but it doesn't mean that it does not play a big role in the society. I actually learned to love Medical Technology. It was a very rough road but you know, it's worth it now that I have my degree. I regret nothing. 


  1. HAHAHA omg your mom. "BURARA". XD But at least she still pushed you to somewhere related to nursing. :))

  2. You did well , okay no worry with nurse profession. I believe you would be amazing with your degree. Nowadays I am struggling to get right option for college , Arts OR Science!


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