Monday, 1 April 2013

It's April!

I know that Graduation only happens once but this is actually my GRADUATION MONTH and I'm really really very happy that COLLEGE IS OVER for me. I survived college! Med school would be a totally different world and I don't know about that yet but while I'm not yet decided, I'm not gonna be so problematic about it. 

The first batch of my dedication and stuff. I don't know why I blurred that because you're probably not interested anyways. Pero okay lang. I'm gonna give the privacy my friends deserve. :D So I totally just wrote this awhile ago but it didn't really require me a lot of effort because you know, when you're sincere about what you're writing, you just have to go with the flow of your feels. Much like blogging.

I'm all set for tomorrow's graduation and I am so excited. Oh my inner self is actually very much ready but who's gonna do my make-up? Our call time is actually at 6:00 am and who's gonna do my make-up that early? And because I don't want to do things abruptly, I decided to try on the look I want to pull-off tomorrow.

I would like to call this particular look "I Leave it ALL to you, Michelle Phan." or maybe "Michelle Phan, you Made it ALL Look so Easy" look. I don't want to actually overdo my make-up but I'm not sure I want to look neutral too. I mean, it's not happening everyday and it's not actually gonna happen anytime soon so I want tomorrow to be at least memorable. At least. 

Oh and I also had my nails done and yeah, quite matchy-matchy with the dress that I would be wearing for tomorrow bur whatevs. So yeah, that's all I have to say for this one. I'm so excited for tomorrow. Hopefully everything would turn out fine because we hella didn't practice anything. So yeah, hope it's all good and hopefully you guys weren't fooled big time today and everything. That's all! :))

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  1. Good luck with your graduation. I will be having my FINAL BOOM exmas on 8 so this April is not so good -__-


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