Sunday, 2 June 2013

Just a Message Away

I can remember the times when cellphones cannot function without credits. Now, it's like so easy to keep in touch. But of course you still have to have wi-fi connection or that LTE shiz I don't know anything about. Anyways, I want to review 3 of the relatively new (to me) messaging apps out in the market right now. WeChat, Line, and Kik. I hope this helps you a little bit. I'm gonna say it ahead now, I used an app called CocoPPa to like design those three apps but then again I wouldn't probably keep it because you can't delete the original one so what's the point? Also! The notification wouldn't actually appear on top of the customized app. The way this would make the phone pretty is that when you already downloaded all the pretty icons, out the original ones at the end so it wouldn't like ruin the whole pretty icons idea. Anyways.

To be fair though, I actually have Line and Kik for quite a while now. Probably a year now. But then one day, WeChat monopolized Facebook and  Instagram and I was like, what the heck is happening here? And then I asked my sister what it is and she was like, I have it na. It was advertised kasi. When I watched the commercial, it was pretty impressive and I don't blame the general population for wanting to be part of it right away. But then yesterday ago, I decided to download it because I thought I would just like see it for myself. And so I did. And then the usual registration stuff right, after all is done, I saw 10 of my friends right away. That's like how overrated it is. Can I just say that I only have Line and Kik because I used to use them to talk to my auntie in Japan. Because it's really cheaper that way. I used to exchange regular international messages with her before these apps happened so thank goodness, right? But now I actually talk to my friends with both those apps so whatever. My mom also used them to remind me at night to turn off the wi-fi when I'm not using it anymore. 

So my verdict? I don't really see the hype that much. My sister described We Chat as Facebook but without the games. The reason I liked it is that I actually had an important conversation with a co-intern and friend of mine so that really made WeChat kind of useful to me. At the end of the conversation though, she was like, beware of the Look Around. I didn't ask what it is about but I thought it was like 'Who's Viewed Me' and that I should be careful who's profile I'm looking at or something but then after a while, I found out that it's like people 'around' you messaging you and stuff. It's not totally useless and a waste of time because my high school classmate messaged me there. It can get annoying after a while though. I feel like it's made so public. If you don't want to expose your location and don't want strangers messaging you, go for Line. As of the other features, I still think Line wins. I haven't played using Line though but they have games (not useful to me), camera (for editing), and other stuff. WeChat is kind of like that but without the games and the camera. Also, I found out that WeChat's stickers are very much Line's but still kind of underdeveloped. Well Line started like that so we shouldn't probably underestimate it. Kik is like very minimalist. You can't do anything about it. Deal with it. I actually think I like Line better than the other two.

Also, Line also have a feature where you can join or follow or add FAMOUS CELEBRITIES but I just don't know how personal their official Line is to the artists but I like that it is somehow a gateway for the fans to connect to their idols. Mostly Korean idols so if you're into K-Pop, you might lean towards Line more than anything. JYJ is like fun to follow. They send in pictures and stickers and crazy stuff. You know what I think? This is kind of like Twitter, I figured. It's like Twitter but with a more personal approach. It's like them messaging you personally and stuff. Which is always nice, yeah? Can I just say that I like this fans-artists feature of Line more than KakaoTalk because it can get annoying on Kakao. I'm just saying. But me likey KakaoTalk! But that's another story. So that's my sort of view and I really hope I helped you or you were able to pick up something.
LINE ★★★★ | WeChat ★★★ | Kik ★★★

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