Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Awesome instant ramen recipe.

What you need

1. Instant ramen with that little sachet of awesomess
2. Egg
3. Sake (Japanese wine)
4. Liquid seasoning

OPTIONAL: random pasta (lol)

Basically, you'll just add liberal amount of liquid seasoning and Sake and put egg when you're almost done. Get it?

As you can see, there's a pasta somewhere. You just have to find it. Okay? 

Add that sachet of goodness in. Oh the pastas are more visible now.

Add your liquid seasoning. Which is probably just soy sauce and some random delicious stuff.

You can add a liberal amount of Sake now. I guess you don't have to worry because you're actually not gonna drunk from this. Alcohol evaporates relatively fast so if you add it while cooking, chance is it'll evaporate and just leave the flavor to whatever you're cooking.

Add one piece of egg for that egg drop effect. And for that extra wonderful/delicious taste.

It's quite very simple but it does makes a lot of difference from your usual instant ramen. What do you think?

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Bestie! Hidemi.

<-----  Back when we were young

This picture was taken after we had some swimming and stuff and all that. Yeah! SAGAMIHARA KOEN REPRESENT!

Why, hello there! I just want to introduce you my best friend. Hidemi. She’s the reason why I miss Japan so much. It’s because we can’t see each other anywhere than there. How did we meet? It’s a complicated but fun story and I think it’s not important to share anymore. It’s fun though. I might tell you some other time.

I think I was 15 and she was 13 in the picture above. 14 – 12. 13 – 11. Do the math. Whatever.

Just peace-ing
Gah! I love her. I have't seen her in ages.

Anyways, this door used to be the entrance for their apartment but I heard they moved to a different place so I have to find out where she lives when I get to see her soon.

I know she's gonna kill me when she sees this but WTF girl? WTH did you do to your brows man? Where did they go? Hahaha

To make up for it, here's her gorgeousity. Yeah I totally made up that word but appropriate right? Yeah thanks. I already miss her and can't wait to see her next year. OMG too soon!

Subic Camayan Resort 2010. A look back.

This is how the outside looks like. I must say that there's definitely a big improvement! It has this classy thing going on. Way back 2007-2008, it's very much nicer. It was very lame back then, if you ask me. I know it's like 2 years ago but behold! Because I'll be doing 2 more blog post that's way much behind 2010 hahaha. Who cares?

Outside the reception area. Definitely an awesome landscape you have there. Also! You can view the mountain and the beach from the bench. 

Just noming on a bag of Cheetos  haha. Fvck my life. Hahaha. When we went there, I don't know if there's a science behind it but the water is really uber very salty. Ah! Less water = more salt. Why less water? Because it's dang hot in the Philippines and all the water probably evaporated. Yeah. Perfect. 

And yup! My family. The room is quite nice! But like, so many ants and all that. Just on the door of the room though but I suspect that there are like a few inside. Which is gross. They made a new hotel and it's really nicer than before. Before right? My mom told me that the receptionist told her that they are digging a pool but what happened? Who's digging the pool? The ants? The monkeys? I have no idea because there's till no pool and the beach water is not very conducive for bathing. Overall I think this is still a nice resort. Plus! It's relatively near Ocean Adventure ans Subic Zafari so if you're like looking for a place to stay if you're going to that places, it's a very good option. 

Delish snack.

Seriously! Like best snack ever. It's a small bibingka and the store is called Bibingkinitan. I always eat at their stall at SM San Lazaro because dang, really awesome. I always order the combo that includes a coffee and it's only for like 50 bucks. It's a good deal. My awesome mom brought home one for me and yeah, awesome. I remember telling her how awesome Bibingkinitan cake is and apparently, she probably tried it herself haha. I feel like a very reliable source now. Haha

Monday, 27 February 2012

Nivea Fruity Shine Pomegranate. Review.

Let me just say that I think this is my Holy Grail Nivea lip moisturizer. It's super fruity and it smells really nice. What I don't like about this shine collection is that it has this shimmering pigments. I prefer just the pinkish tint and the pomegranate scent. Whatever that fruit is. I've had the Strawberry and Cherry before but man, this is just awesome. I actually haven't finished the Cherry Fruit Shine because the bag where it was in was snatched. And I dropped my second Strawberry Fruit Shine at the amusement park's horror house. Poor me. So unlucky. I think I prefer Cherry than Strawberry though.

Shimmering pigments
The good thing about this is it has SPF 10 and that it'll somehow protect the lips and stuff like that. I guess it'll help seal in the moisture and prevent the lips from drying up. Nivea's new shape kind of sucks because since it's tinted, chances are if you have a slightly thin lips like I do, you'll end up messing stuff. So you have to be very careful in applying. Not like the medicated transparent lip thingy where you just can apply it however you like. 

Uniform pet peeves.

I am a Medical Technology student from the University of Santo Tomas and as a student of the said faculty, I have to wear white. Now when I was still a freshman, people in the neighborhood asked me a lot on what course I am taking up and the worst part is, they answered their question. WTF? Why ask?
Neighbor: What course are you taking? Nursing?
Me: Medical Technology.
I don't live in a secluded area so expect that I have like 20 or more neighbors who came and asked me. Why bring up things that happened in the past, you ask? Because awhile ago, an unknown guy was like
Unknown guy: Hi nurse! 
Like, WTF man? I ignored the guy anyways. The fact that he don't know that I am not a nurse in any means, then he's not worth my time. And it's not like I stopped getting this kind of question. Seriously.

Let's get this clear though, I have nothing against nursing students and all that. I know that it's common for nursing students to wear white but please be educated enough to know that they aren't the only students who wear white. How about Psychology, Biology, Pharmacy, Chemistry, BioChemistry, Dentistry and all other sciences students? How about Medicine students? Do you know how it hurts to be downgraded sort of? They've been through 4 years of hardship to be able to wear their uniforms in the Medical school that they're in and you're gonna call them a nursing student? WTF man. If I know, they've already dissected you in their minds three times. If you're a nursing student, I am not hating on you or whatever so you might want to back off okay?

FB's Timeline.

Do you know how bored I am? Haha I watched that video on Facebook's homepage. And guess what? I met Andy Sparks! Whoever he is. I actually doubt that he's a real person but whatever. Have you seen that? Or are you a whatever Facebook user that doesn't care what Mark Zuckerberg's opinion is? Shame on you! Hahaha

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Make-up love!

We went to a relatively provincy place awhile ago to get some stuff that my auntie sent from Japan like, so many years ago and we only got it now for some whatever reason. Yeah of course you know what I got! Haha

I then planned to arrange my make-up so that they won't be messed up and that it'll be easier for me to find them whenever I need them and apparently, my collection can't fit to that whatsoever container anymore. And as a medical technology student, that's not a problem at all. I have this whatever kit case where I put my syringes and all that hematology stuff and the case is quite bigger than the previous and so I sort of exchanged them because I'm not really putting anything in that bigger case anymore since I'm already done with my hematology course and it's content can perfectly fit to that smaller make-up container that I was using before now. They're perfect for each other, you know. I guess it's destiny. So here's how my collection looks like.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Just a wanna-be.

I hope there's such thing as beginner's luck.
I've been wanting to buy a guitar since I was in high school and after quite a while, I have my own now. It's not an expensive guitar since I still don't know whether or not I'll get the hang of it and stuff. It's not something I have to invest to or a very good investment or whatever since, yeah I don't know. Maybe I'm mistaken but I don't care. That's my point of view. Let me just say that I'll be starting from scratch. Literally. Like, I just learned A and B chords awhile ago.

If you're wondering what's the first song that I want to play, probably Fix You or Yellow by Coldplay. I think it's a great piece to start with and comes very relevant most of the time. I also found out that it's relatively easy to play so that's a bonus point.

So yeah, I guess I'll be updating this blog with my progress and yeah. Let me know what you guys think.

Cuddle buddies.



As much as I want to think that they are just being sweet because Prunes (black) and Hana (brown, obviously) are dang related, it's sort of disgusting sometimes when they like try to mate and all that but yeah whatever. They're dogs and they probably don't care. No matter how smart we think they are, they're still kind of stupid. And some people are just like them. No difference at all. And that's sadder. But not to go beyond the point, they look cute right? 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Bakery Story. Review.

How I wish I'd have a business this big and that I have like a million to spend but nothing much to spend to. This is a screenshot from my iPhone's app called Bakery Story and I've worked really hard for this to be this big and you might think that it's like an exquisite waste of time but I don't really care LOL. I've made about 10 renovations before finally being contented. I might not be very contented in the long run but as of now, I'm happy with my interior (talking like a guru). 

So basically, you buy your equipment and you virtually bake stuff. It's kind of longer than the real thing. I guess (I don't really bake). Of course they didn't expect you to stare at your phone waiting for a 12 hour stuff to be ready and that's why they kind of made an allowance for you to be able to serve your food. The waiting time for a 'recipe' to be ready ranges from 1minute - 2 days depending on your preference or whatever.  And if you failed to serve it on the allowable time, it'll spoil and there would be a symbol of a disgusting fly above your food.Which is the most frustrating thing ever. 


This is how my bakery looks like now. Expanded it like, twice now. Had some more chairs and stuff. Although I don't have much time to update and stuff, I'm still giving it a go once in a while. 

Recently, I feel like their ads and affiliated networks are kind of annoying. IDK. 


I know I shouldn't be posting gross stuff in here such as my wounded/hairy feet but what can I do? It's my blog! HAHAHA. So yeah, when I came home from school my mom was like "what's that red thing behind you?" and I was like "what?" and she said there's something red behind me and I wasn't so sure what that is until I looked behind my legs and voila! Where did I get this though? Am I that numb to not feel anything at all? So yeah, I cleaned it with alcohol and whatever. Oh well.


If you know me (I doubt), you know that these babies are mine. I mean, it's ours of course but they're mine. As far as I can remember, I liked them because a friend of mine made me watch G-Dragon's Shine A Light concert and that's where it all started. I'm really happy for them and I wish them success and may they be everywhere this comeback. Fighting!


Seriously! Like, best thing ever! I've known this baby for like, almost all my life now. And it never failed to amaze me. I have a little issue with it though, but I'm not so sure. For some reason, there's like less product inside as time goes by or probably because of my stomach getting bigger. Whatever. Well, it's a problem which I don't have a problem with. I can just add water and still get satisfied. But it's sometimes a problem. Just sometimes. I feel like there's so much to say, but yeah. It's something you have to try for yourself. In Japan, it's like 130 yen, which should be about 70 php but I guess they sell it here like 88 php or something? Not sure! 

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

LRT Pet Peeves

I really hate it/can't understand why hardcore tomboys (not hating) are still riding in the women section of the LRT (Light Rail Transit). I mean, the fact that you've at least decided that you like girls better than guys and that you dress up as guys, then I don't see any reasons why you still have the right to ride that particular section. I mean, don't call me a hater because I'm gonna be more than okay if ladyboys are gonna ride in that section but tomboys in the WOMEN section? Seriously? No way!

I've seen so many of them and I'd be like "why is he riding here?" and of course by then I'll notice their barely hidden boobies (bigger than mine). Apparently, he's a 'she'. And that pisses me off.

I know it's more convenient and stuff, but for once, stand up for what you believe you really are. Are you confused of your identity or what? Need to be enlightened?

You might say I'm judging but let me tell you a story. Not so long ago, a tomboy with a bunch of others rode the women section where I was in and they're talking about a borrowed camera-phone and this tomboy's plan of taking pictures of girls where they're going. Ha!

So, I just want to say that if you're already living your life as guys, that's totally fine. I'm cool with it! But if you're gonna mess up with the society (me), by still interfering with things that are made convenient for women, that's fucked up.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

My solution!


The Face Shop nail paints and more.

These are not new by the way. Thanks Angela for this gift way back what? 2010? Thank you! :)

I must say that I like the formula of these nail polishes mainly because its smell isn't that strong/annoying and actually, it's very tolerable and if you're not actually very sensitive, there's a big chance that you won't be able to smell it. Which I find very helpful and very nice for the manufacturer to even consider that.



Although it may look very pretty, I have an issue with this particular product. It's just that it doesn't look as pink as it is in the bottle than that when applied on the nails. It's very much lighter on the nails. You can coat your nails 3-4 times if you want to achieve this kind of color which is a lot of work. If you ask me. Although 2 coats will give you something that's not that bad but still way too much lighter than it appears in the bottle. Kind of deceiving aye? Nah but it's workable. I have nothing against the purple color though. I think it's some sort of a holy grail nail polish. 



Crumpled money.

I really really really hate crumpled money It's one of my many pet peeves. If you know Philippine money, they're not quite that proper and it will not hold its shape after folding and whatever like that. It's vulnerable like shit and PEOPLE! It's our duty to preserve its shape by not doing anything like crumpling it or putting it in our pocket carelessly.

It's true that we'll spend it anyway so why do we have to take proper care of it, right? Logically speaking, and as a personal point of view and experience, I have this thinking that it's harder to spend new paper money than that of crumpled. Why? Because paper money seems like trash and we want to get rid of it. If you have like perfectly ironed money and when you look at it, it's something you want to have longer and not to spend it right away buying non-sense.

My cousin went here yesterday and she was like putting money inside her purse and I was like "I hate crumpled money" and she was like "I don't have anywhere to put it to" and is that a good excuse? I don't know. So people, your money will not always be your money. It goes out the circulation and it might be handed to me as change anywhere or wherever so please! Fix yourselves.

Saturday, 18 February 2012


My mom brought home some of this for our little brunch and though I am very thankful (starving kids) I didn't like it as much. I don't know why but it doesn't taste like something I can indulge with or whatever. And although the name and everything sounds like purely Japanese, it's apparently a Korean cake. How interesting! 


So here's how they look like. It's literally little sponge cakes with fillings. The concept is actually amazing. The fillings are probably the main issue of everything that I didn't like. I wonder what goes really well with those? Definitely not your flavors. Sorry. 

Chocolate on your left side and custard/vanilla on your right side. Quite not sure. 

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Awesome packaging! (my mom said that all the money goes to the packaging)

It was your typical cookie (soft cookie thingy) but with a twist (not because of the shape). It does taste good compared to other brand that I have tasted with the same concept. Nothing much in there though. I mean, no chocolate or anything like that. Just itself. 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

20! OMG.

I'm officially 20 (not that I became unofficially 20 in the past)  but anyhow, it's kind of nice in  a way that at least there's no way I can have an excuse or stuff that YES! teenagers do. I am like 2 days old as a non-teenager but I can somehow feel the pressure. Pressure because of imaginary things I can't even imagine as of the moment. Yeah, whatever.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Yoku Moku chocolates!


Awesome sauce! Like, it's kind of just sweet but I can really eat it. It's like wafer-filling-wafer type of thing. I know it's not obvious since it's super thin but based on my very keen observation, I noticed. Hooray!  I'm no expert (as always) but it tastes like caramel rather than chocolate but even though I'm no good at french, the package says it is chocolate so it must be some variant or whatever.  The above pictures show the completely covered wafer/biscuit and this one below shows the one side covered with the chocolate and it also contains nuts. I personally prefer the red one. 

You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.