Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Awesome instant ramen recipe.

What you need

1. Instant ramen with that little sachet of awesomess
2. Egg
3. Sake (Japanese wine)
4. Liquid seasoning

OPTIONAL: random pasta (lol)

Basically, you'll just add liberal amount of liquid seasoning and Sake and put egg when you're almost done. Get it?

As you can see, there's a pasta somewhere. You just have to find it. Okay? 

Add that sachet of goodness in. Oh the pastas are more visible now.

Add your liquid seasoning. Which is probably just soy sauce and some random delicious stuff.

You can add a liberal amount of Sake now. I guess you don't have to worry because you're actually not gonna drunk from this. Alcohol evaporates relatively fast so if you add it while cooking, chance is it'll evaporate and just leave the flavor to whatever you're cooking.

Add one piece of egg for that egg drop effect. And for that extra wonderful/delicious taste.

It's quite very simple but it does makes a lot of difference from your usual instant ramen. What do you think?

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