Sunday, 26 February 2012

Make-up love!

We went to a relatively provincy place awhile ago to get some stuff that my auntie sent from Japan like, so many years ago and we only got it now for some whatever reason. Yeah of course you know what I got! Haha

I then planned to arrange my make-up so that they won't be messed up and that it'll be easier for me to find them whenever I need them and apparently, my collection can't fit to that whatsoever container anymore. And as a medical technology student, that's not a problem at all. I have this whatever kit case where I put my syringes and all that hematology stuff and the case is quite bigger than the previous and so I sort of exchanged them because I'm not really putting anything in that bigger case anymore since I'm already done with my hematology course and it's content can perfectly fit to that smaller make-up container that I was using before now. They're perfect for each other, you know. I guess it's destiny. So here's how my collection looks like.

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