Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Bakery Story. Review.

How I wish I'd have a business this big and that I have like a million to spend but nothing much to spend to. This is a screenshot from my iPhone's app called Bakery Story and I've worked really hard for this to be this big and you might think that it's like an exquisite waste of time but I don't really care LOL. I've made about 10 renovations before finally being contented. I might not be very contented in the long run but as of now, I'm happy with my interior (talking like a guru). 

So basically, you buy your equipment and you virtually bake stuff. It's kind of longer than the real thing. I guess (I don't really bake). Of course they didn't expect you to stare at your phone waiting for a 12 hour stuff to be ready and that's why they kind of made an allowance for you to be able to serve your food. The waiting time for a 'recipe' to be ready ranges from 1minute - 2 days depending on your preference or whatever.  And if you failed to serve it on the allowable time, it'll spoil and there would be a symbol of a disgusting fly above your food.Which is the most frustrating thing ever. 


This is how my bakery looks like now. Expanded it like, twice now. Had some more chairs and stuff. Although I don't have much time to update and stuff, I'm still giving it a go once in a while. 

Recently, I feel like their ads and affiliated networks are kind of annoying. IDK. 

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