Monday, 27 February 2012

Uniform pet peeves.

I am a Medical Technology student from the University of Santo Tomas and as a student of the said faculty, I have to wear white. Now when I was still a freshman, people in the neighborhood asked me a lot on what course I am taking up and the worst part is, they answered their question. WTF? Why ask?
Neighbor: What course are you taking? Nursing?
Me: Medical Technology.
I don't live in a secluded area so expect that I have like 20 or more neighbors who came and asked me. Why bring up things that happened in the past, you ask? Because awhile ago, an unknown guy was like
Unknown guy: Hi nurse! 
Like, WTF man? I ignored the guy anyways. The fact that he don't know that I am not a nurse in any means, then he's not worth my time. And it's not like I stopped getting this kind of question. Seriously.

Let's get this clear though, I have nothing against nursing students and all that. I know that it's common for nursing students to wear white but please be educated enough to know that they aren't the only students who wear white. How about Psychology, Biology, Pharmacy, Chemistry, BioChemistry, Dentistry and all other sciences students? How about Medicine students? Do you know how it hurts to be downgraded sort of? They've been through 4 years of hardship to be able to wear their uniforms in the Medical school that they're in and you're gonna call them a nursing student? WTF man. If I know, they've already dissected you in their minds three times. If you're a nursing student, I am not hating on you or whatever so you might want to back off okay?

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