Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Subic Camayan Resort 2010. A look back.

This is how the outside looks like. I must say that there's definitely a big improvement! It has this classy thing going on. Way back 2007-2008, it's very much nicer. It was very lame back then, if you ask me. I know it's like 2 years ago but behold! Because I'll be doing 2 more blog post that's way much behind 2010 hahaha. Who cares?

Outside the reception area. Definitely an awesome landscape you have there. Also! You can view the mountain and the beach from the bench. 

Just noming on a bag of Cheetos  haha. Fvck my life. Hahaha. When we went there, I don't know if there's a science behind it but the water is really uber very salty. Ah! Less water = more salt. Why less water? Because it's dang hot in the Philippines and all the water probably evaporated. Yeah. Perfect. 

And yup! My family. The room is quite nice! But like, so many ants and all that. Just on the door of the room though but I suspect that there are like a few inside. Which is gross. They made a new hotel and it's really nicer than before. Before right? My mom told me that the receptionist told her that they are digging a pool but what happened? Who's digging the pool? The ants? The monkeys? I have no idea because there's till no pool and the beach water is not very conducive for bathing. Overall I think this is still a nice resort. Plus! It's relatively near Ocean Adventure ans Subic Zafari so if you're like looking for a place to stay if you're going to that places, it's a very good option. 

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