Friday, 30 November 2012

Food Trip. Kazam's.

So right after my graduation picture schedule, as much as I would like to reduce my food intake, I just can't. I actually scheduled a food meeting with my cousin.

Actually, I've heard this restaurant so many times but I don't know why I only had the chance to eat here recently. Like, my classmates would always set this as a meeting place and like hang-out place but I don't know. Like, I didn't even know how to get up in the restaurant.

If you haven't seen the place yet, it's actually in Dapitan, above Simple Line and Cerialicious I believe. Like, you have to look up to see this place or else you're dead. Not literally of course.

Actually got really excited when I saw this wall paper. Not very big but I don't know. I wish they had a bigger Eiffel Tower though. I mean, it's not fair for the Eiffel Tower. So then we concluded that maybe the owner is from Sydney. Yup! May conclusion agad agad.

Buddy picture.

CHINA? Red Iced Tea that they serve with any meals.

JAPAN. Steamed Gyoza that doesn't taste like it. But quite alright.

INDIA. My curry pasta with seafood. Now this one is love. I hope they had a parmessan cheese bottle at the table though so the customers would have the option to add a little more.

Loved this. Like, the curry sauce is so rich that you won't even. LOL. I love the generous amount of seafood in it too. I wish they served more pasta though.

ITALIA. The chicken is actually good. The pizza is so-so. The spaghetti is kind of legit. Or at least it's not ketchup. We had fun eating. The place is nice. Very nice if you want some time alone. Because the place is quite quiet and probably underrated so not much people are coming in. That's all! :)

Thursday, 29 November 2012

One Step Closer.

I don't know if I'm really just being obsessed with anything related to Breaking Dawn or what but recently, everything is just so relevant. I can't even. It's actually a very long and complicated process that we have been through. Like, falling in line here and there just to get this graduation picture over with. Like, seriously.

So I would like to share with you some of the pictures I took whilst I was there. How nice of me right? LOL.

So let's just go back to my story first. So my friends and I are actually scheduled at 2-3 pm. We are actually 3 in the group and one of them arrived at 11 am and still didn't make it to the photo booth early because even though she arrived earlier than the scheduled time, there are others who arrived earlier. Which I actually find unfair. They should have just followed the time they reserved for a certain student so we will all somehow finish on time.

WHAT A SYSTEM. When I came at around 1, I queued for make up and stuff and all that and yeah, after maybe 2 hours, I got called and voila! PICTURE TIME.

Some of my SELCAs because the official thingy is taking a long time to happen. Some I even took in the bathroom because the background there is pink. LOL.

So here it is. Like, it's been a long time coming. Like, somehow. I don't know but I just feel like it. And I believe I deserve it. Somehow people really deserve the things they want in life. Even though how hard it is to achieve. Oh well. That's actually another story but since it's completely relevant and similar to what we are talking about, let it be.

The shooting time itself is quite fast though. Like shot, shot, shot, shot, shot, and done. Just like that. So I don't understand why the system is so slow like that.

I have a friend who came at 8 and finished at 3. Like, seriously? Are we having a little photo shoot for a magazine here or what?  But I don't want to complain too much anymore.

Their make up artists are actually nice and all that . So good vibes. Also, their staffs are very accommodating. So yeah, forgiven. Okay let's go back to my GRADUATION STORY. Like, in less than five months, I'm already graduating with my first college degree. Awesome! :D Can't wait, really. Today is also very nice because for the whatever time I waited there, I am mostly with my friends so it's also like a get together of some sort. My friends and I are on different hospitals so it's always nice to catch up and all that.

Moving on... As early as now, I want to thank my parents for supporting and believing in me. I want to thank my sisters, brother, friends, cousins, and classmates for staying beside me and always cheering me on. I  probably wouldn't be able to make it without them. Thank you guys. This meaningful event of my life will be dedicated to all of you.


We Sing Again.

Can't really stop us from singing so don't even try. LOL. Just kidding. A week after our first singing session, we went back for more. Because you know, people have to sing sometimes.

And since we didn't have dinner prior to the event. We ate there as well.

Nothing extraordinary actually. But good when you're hungry. Yeah? You know how everything tastes good when you're hungry? Exactly.

Whilst eating. My sisters are like the most adorable sisters ever. LOL. Just kidding. 
And then after that whole lot of singing and eating and singing again, we went to McDonald's to eat some ice cream.

Can I just say though that the time we went there, there are these very noisy women who really pissed me off. Like, I usually don't mind people talking because you know, they're supposed to talk but these group didn't fail to piss me so whatever. They're like constantly shouting and laughing and stuff. Like, they look like some office girls who are probably in their late 30's and they probably haven't seen each other for a while but that doesn't mean they have to shout and all that. It's probably hard to imagine it at this point but whatever. I'm glad you didn't have to hear them. Everything went really well except that. :)

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Anticipate it!

It's like less than a month to go before Christmas. But I can't feel it yet. Maybe because I'm too busy with a lot of stuff and all that. But maybe anticipating it would actually make it a little more festive. Like, I know it's kind of twisted but whatever. I mean, people are saying that they can't feel that it's almost Christmas already. Maybe because of the weather, and other stuff. But if we would watch it coming, then our feelings will probably accumulate and probably explode when it's already there. Am I making sense? LOL. It's okay.

One thing I have to share too is that we didn't even turn our Christmas Lights on. Usually, we open it like, second week of November? Anong petsa na no? Haha. And yeah, that's my shadow. Some years ago. Not some creepy whatever creature. LOL.

I love to look at our house with all the lights and stuff. Like, it's just very nice. We don't usually change themes and stuff but we kind of change some designs and just add more to them.

It's also kind of obvious that it's Christmas already because there are at least two of my internmates who have been robbed and snatched and all that. Christmas shouldn't be that scary. But it is here. Like, I get too scared just walking outside the hospital (hot spot for hold uppers). SCARY.

Speaking of the weather, can I just say that this weather is actually hotter than I remember? Like, seriously? Can the weather cooperate a little bit? Like, it's always hot as eff.

Where are you? Like, seriously. No cold breeze, Christmas lights, stuff! Our neighbors actually have some signs of Christmas already. Anyways.

I should probably go to UST though and see whether they are already turning it on at night. Because the last time I checked, they already placed Christmas Lights there. It's always nice to see the Christmas Lights on and just call it a day. Oh well. That's all!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bloody Hell.

Love when I read this on any Harry Potter books. Anyways, awhile ago, our morning class was cancelled and our last period class teacher said she wouldn't be meeting us anymore because of some stuff going on. It's actually Pharmacy week in UST so there are a lot of things going on really.

One of the activities is actually BLOOD LETTING. Even before going to the uni, I already decided that I would donate blood and stuff. I kind of told a friend/thesis mate about it and she said she would want to donate as well. Got myself a buddy. GREAT! :D

It's actually just my second time donating blood and I must say that this one is a little bit more painful than last time. Or it's just probably me. It actually shouldn't hurt but since the girl in charge injected the needle a little bit lower than where it should be, there.

As someone who's been working in a hospital (without pay), I know how important a single unit of blood is. So whatever. I really hope that I could save someone's life with my donation. Hopefully I was able to save 2 already. Like, just to make things a little more appropriate.

Last year, Red Cross provided me with a pin as a token or something. Now, here are what they gave me

The lady actually gave us three so whatever. I kind of feel like they provided us with more snacks this time. I guess?

And then what else? You know, I just have to mention again that it was painful. I literally feel like it's going thru whatever muscle it is located there before it hit my vein. No hematoma or whatever though. So it's all good. Sometimes we really have to sacrifice. LOL.

I am not holding two donor cards that will make a priority or anyone I know whenever we asked for blood from them. Oh well. I hope that we won't be needing that kind of thing ever. But it's good to know. You know.

They also provided an identification card sort of where you can put your details at the back. 

Monday, 26 November 2012

Let's Talk Cupcakes.

I'm not actually a fan of colorful cupcakes because of so much food coloring and stuff but this one looks kind of tasty. Oh actually, I'm not a fan of cupcakes at all. But I'm gonna show you cupcakes that I would love to try. Also, I think cupcakes are lazy cakes. Like, yeah? Oh well.

This one is just awesome. Like, I wouldn't need persuasion for me to try this. It's much like Black Forest so it's all good. I guess I just don't like colorful cupcakes then.

As much as I doubt the pink frosting, I hope there would be a little bit of true flavor of strawberry there. Believe it or not, I had a hard time picking cupcakes because some are just ridiculously pretty to even touch. Like, those who look like they weren't made to be eaten kind of ridiculous. And some are just for fun. Like, not even appealing.

That's all! :)

Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Look Back. UST Paskuhans.

As much as I'm concern, I actually haven't missed a single Paskuhan. Meaning my miscellaneous fee didn't go to nothing. If you're a Thomasian, you get what I mean, yeah? Okay not really bitter or anything about it. AT ALL. I'm just saying. And if you're not a Thomasian, you don't have the right to say anything about it. Maybe you're bitter.

Okay moving on...I won't really go into details because I probably forgot what happened already. I mean, it's been years. Literally.

The first Paskuhan I went to was not that bad, not that good either, like, maybe it's because I went out super early but the fireworks display cooperated and showed almost at the beginning of the program. Nice.

The first Paskuhan that I finished everything would probably be this one. Or did I finish this? Yeah, I think so. It's the Paskuhan that actually celebrated UST's 400 YEARS. This time, I went with my cousin. 

The girl with fringe is actually a second degree friend that I met that time. 

I noticed how bigger my group of friends get. I'm proud of myself. LOL.

Saw my seatmate along the way and decided to take a picture. Awesome.

In less than a month, it's Paskuhan once again. And luckily, I will be able to go because you know, right timing is right timing. I feel sorry for the group who wouldn't be able to come though. That's all! :)

Food Trip. A Veneto. Pesto hunt!

So we were in UST yesterday right? A friend of mine randomly said that she wants PESTO. And pesto is just irresistible for me. Like, seriously.

Funny thing is that the one who actually kind of opened the topic about pesto didn't even go with us. LOL. Too bad.

Really really happy that I was able to go out with my first internshipmates. Not even a word. But anyways, they all go to the same hospital now and we just see each other on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

It's not very long but compared before that we see each other almost everyday, quite long already.

So even though our other friend didn't go with us, we decided to eat anyways. Can't really stop hungry peeps from eating. LOL.

Can I just mention that I like my pasta green. My mom finds it a little weird but whatever. Green, white, and red. There you go. This is a Seafood Pesto by the way. Really nice. No regrets.

So here's a friend modelling the pesto for us. Just for fun, the plan is to actually show these pictures to our other friend who initially invited us. Mean of us, I know. LOL.

Okay so the Pesto we ordered is actually good for 2-3  pax but this one right here told us that the branch near them actually serve twice the amount for the same price.

But anyways.

This is a Cheeseburger Bacon pizza I believe. Might be ham. Whatever. LOL.

Ziti with Italian Sausage. This is probably my favorite! Like, I'm not a fan of red sauce but this is quite nice. Love the sausage in it too.

I mean just look at that cheese on top! Amazing. Another scoop from this friend though, she said that the casserole the branch near them serve, is taller than this one.

We actually can't help but feel cheated but we just said that we have to check out the branch near them and indulge on these stuff once again.

Because we all agreed that the food is actually good and worth coming back for. Nice, aye?

That's all! :)

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fearless Forecast. The Voice Season 3.

Not really the winner yet. Let's give me some time to decide for that. LOL. Like my opinion counts. I mean, yeah but not really. These are my top 3. And yes! In particular order. ;)

As of this moment, there are currently 8 of them battling to be THE VOICE. So it's really kind of hard to choose already but whatevs. LOL.


Can I just say that I didn't know that she's that girl from Hey Monday. I'm not a fan of the band but I've heard of it. Awesome. I lurve! Love how perfect the above photo is. :))

Her voice is just as youthful as eff so I really like it. She sings from the heart. I really like how she can turn pop songs to rock songs. I like how she looks as well. I mean, on stage.

She reminds me of Lindsey Pavao from The Voice last season a little bit though. They kind of look alike.

But anyways. She's awesome. I hope she wins. Duh! That's why she's on the top of my list. LOL.

I don't really know if she's legitimate second because I kind of want her to win as well. That's also the reason why I included the title of the songs they sang on top of their pictures because I based their rankings on that. Also, based on my feels. Okay? I really like her style. It reminds me so much of my The Voice UK's FEARLESS FORECAST WINNER, Bo Bruce.

People who commented on her performances kind of said they don't like the breathy voice but for me, it's just a style. Unique kind of style. I said it's can get really annoying sometimes but you got to like the person to like the style. I don't know. And like I said before, I would prefer this kind of style over any copied styles.
And her hair is love!


This one is love! Like, really. His song is really something. And just like what his coach CeeLo said after the performance, he reminds me of a legend. Maybe himself.

Leon On Me is one of my favorite songs so maybe that's also why his performance really made an impact on me. Also, my mom's favorite.

That awkward moment when a man's hair is better than yours. TRUE STORY.

Error 1021.

I used to like Blogger for mobile because it's so convenient to use that I can just blog whatever I want on the go.

Recently, I thought of upgrading it hoping for a nicer experience.

The app's layout itself became nicer but the problem is I can't post puctures thru mobile anymore.

I kept getting ERROR 1021 which I assume has something to do with pictures because without the picture, it's quite okay and my post would be posted right away. I mean, no problem.

I tried looking for a fix but Blogger'shelp section told me to clear the cache and the history and as I did, it didn't help.

Now, I'm just waiting for another upgrade hoping that they would resolve the problem.

:) Good vibes.

Friday, 23 November 2012

So long my friend.

Can I just be totally dramatic and tell everyone that I really missed my home girl? Yesterday, totally unexpected, my best friend texted me. OMG. Like, it's been forever.

We've been planning to go out together but time just wouldn't allow us to. Like, with her OJT and with my Internship. So nice. Like, no joke. Might be more than that actually. Because the last time we saw each other was this trip. Click here if you want a look back.

And as expected, we did talk about all that stuff that we used to talk about before. Our lives, experiences, our plans, and all that stuff. But more!

It's actually quite obvious that we didn't see each other for a while because no one's really shutting up. Like, continuous, non-stop, and fun catching up. Looked back at some experiences we had in the past and laughed. Like, hard. Let's just appreciate the picture I took for a while.

I hate how my head looks big though. Like, her head is just small so don't judge. Yeah? LOL. So sorry that her long hair didn't make it. Anyways...

I even joked around and said that I might not see her again until my despedida party before going to Japan. But you know, I shouldn't have said that. But it will happen anyways.

Took picture of our bags. NOTHING. LOL.

We had dinner and kind of walked around and walked some more and all that stuff. Also, we kind of did some camera window shopping because we kind of want to have the same camera. VANITY. LOL.

Got to do this kind of thing more often because it's like insane not to see her that long. That's all! :)


Make it happen! I guess One Direction clearly made their point when they said that we should live while we're young. Because you know, people just live as if they're just waiting for their old friend death. It shouldn't be like that. It's like wasting time and not enjoying the privilege given to us.

So while we're young, why not try to take advantage of the things we can still do while we're on it? Or even though those who are not so young anymore. And I don't mean doing crazy things that aren't good for the health. Nothing like drugs, and stuff.

Probably something like skydiving, cliff jumping, wake boarding, walking a long path, travelling, and all that good stuff. It's fun. Like, let's try to appreciate what we can still do and what we still have. You know what they say, enjoy it while it lasts.

Or maybe something we want to do but afraid of doing it, maybe there's no perfect timing for that. Maybe we are to make the perfect timing. Life's gonna pass us by without even realizing it and the next thing we know, we failed. No one wants to fail of course. We should persevere a little bit in attaining things that we want. Because they might not happen without us making a way for it to happen.

I just feel a little sad for those people who grew old but lack things like experience for them to say that they lived a good life.

It's kind of funny because lately, "life" has been my expression for some reason. Just saying. Not that it's relevant but whatever.

As a final note, I just want to say that we should always do things that will lead us to the things we want in life. Like, if we want something, we shouldn't be afraid. Well, only if it's good.

Have a good life! :)

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Sing Out Loud!

After that dinner we had at Mr. Miyagi, we decided to go straight to Music 21 for a little fun. It's also where I celebrated my 18th Birthday. If you want to check it out a little bit.

They hall way looks festive already. Can't believe how soon Christmas is. It's been like ... FAST.

We didn't order food well we ordered Nachos though.

Even though we were full from that Mr. Miyagi food trip, we were still able to eat almost everything. Almost.

Let me just say that my sister sort of killed it! Like, she's really getting good at singing which I am proud of. Of course. Well it's because I can actually see a potential of her being really good at it. But whatever.

She should practice more and stuff so yeah. I heard we'll be going again next week so just she could sing and enjoy. She really doesn't want to go home last time because she said she still has songs to sing. LOL.

We actually have a magic mic or whatever you call it at home but it's kind of outdated already so she can't sing there because she doesn't even know the songs enlisted there.


That's all! :)
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.