Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bloody Hell.

Love when I read this on any Harry Potter books. Anyways, awhile ago, our morning class was cancelled and our last period class teacher said she wouldn't be meeting us anymore because of some stuff going on. It's actually Pharmacy week in UST so there are a lot of things going on really.

One of the activities is actually BLOOD LETTING. Even before going to the uni, I already decided that I would donate blood and stuff. I kind of told a friend/thesis mate about it and she said she would want to donate as well. Got myself a buddy. GREAT! :D

It's actually just my second time donating blood and I must say that this one is a little bit more painful than last time. Or it's just probably me. It actually shouldn't hurt but since the girl in charge injected the needle a little bit lower than where it should be, there.

As someone who's been working in a hospital (without pay), I know how important a single unit of blood is. So whatever. I really hope that I could save someone's life with my donation. Hopefully I was able to save 2 already. Like, just to make things a little more appropriate.

Last year, Red Cross provided me with a pin as a token or something. Now, here are what they gave me

The lady actually gave us three so whatever. I kind of feel like they provided us with more snacks this time. I guess?

And then what else? You know, I just have to mention again that it was painful. I literally feel like it's going thru whatever muscle it is located there before it hit my vein. No hematoma or whatever though. So it's all good. Sometimes we really have to sacrifice. LOL.

I am not holding two donor cards that will make a priority or anyone I know whenever we asked for blood from them. Oh well. I hope that we won't be needing that kind of thing ever. But it's good to know. You know.

They also provided an identification card sort of where you can put your details at the back. 

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  1. You did great girl! I am so proud of you! I once donated my blood on the death anniversary of a great leader of our country. She shed her blood for the country :)WOMEN POWER :)
    Aww this blood drop type thing is cute :)
    Again telling you , you did a great job :)



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