Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Anticipate it!

It's like less than a month to go before Christmas. But I can't feel it yet. Maybe because I'm too busy with a lot of stuff and all that. But maybe anticipating it would actually make it a little more festive. Like, I know it's kind of twisted but whatever. I mean, people are saying that they can't feel that it's almost Christmas already. Maybe because of the weather, and other stuff. But if we would watch it coming, then our feelings will probably accumulate and probably explode when it's already there. Am I making sense? LOL. It's okay.

One thing I have to share too is that we didn't even turn our Christmas Lights on. Usually, we open it like, second week of November? Anong petsa na no? Haha. And yeah, that's my shadow. Some years ago. Not some creepy whatever creature. LOL.

I love to look at our house with all the lights and stuff. Like, it's just very nice. We don't usually change themes and stuff but we kind of change some designs and just add more to them.

It's also kind of obvious that it's Christmas already because there are at least two of my internmates who have been robbed and snatched and all that. Christmas shouldn't be that scary. But it is here. Like, I get too scared just walking outside the hospital (hot spot for hold uppers). SCARY.

Speaking of the weather, can I just say that this weather is actually hotter than I remember? Like, seriously? Can the weather cooperate a little bit? Like, it's always hot as eff.

Where are you? Like, seriously. No cold breeze, Christmas lights, stuff! Our neighbors actually have some signs of Christmas already. Anyways.

I should probably go to UST though and see whether they are already turning it on at night. Because the last time I checked, they already placed Christmas Lights there. It's always nice to see the Christmas Lights on and just call it a day. Oh well. That's all!

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