Thursday, 29 November 2012

We Sing Again.

Can't really stop us from singing so don't even try. LOL. Just kidding. A week after our first singing session, we went back for more. Because you know, people have to sing sometimes.

And since we didn't have dinner prior to the event. We ate there as well.

Nothing extraordinary actually. But good when you're hungry. Yeah? You know how everything tastes good when you're hungry? Exactly.

Whilst eating. My sisters are like the most adorable sisters ever. LOL. Just kidding. 
And then after that whole lot of singing and eating and singing again, we went to McDonald's to eat some ice cream.

Can I just say though that the time we went there, there are these very noisy women who really pissed me off. Like, I usually don't mind people talking because you know, they're supposed to talk but these group didn't fail to piss me so whatever. They're like constantly shouting and laughing and stuff. Like, they look like some office girls who are probably in their late 30's and they probably haven't seen each other for a while but that doesn't mean they have to shout and all that. It's probably hard to imagine it at this point but whatever. I'm glad you didn't have to hear them. Everything went really well except that. :)

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