Sunday, 25 November 2012

Food Trip. A Veneto. Pesto hunt!

So we were in UST yesterday right? A friend of mine randomly said that she wants PESTO. And pesto is just irresistible for me. Like, seriously.

Funny thing is that the one who actually kind of opened the topic about pesto didn't even go with us. LOL. Too bad.

Really really happy that I was able to go out with my first internshipmates. Not even a word. But anyways, they all go to the same hospital now and we just see each other on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

It's not very long but compared before that we see each other almost everyday, quite long already.

So even though our other friend didn't go with us, we decided to eat anyways. Can't really stop hungry peeps from eating. LOL.

Can I just mention that I like my pasta green. My mom finds it a little weird but whatever. Green, white, and red. There you go. This is a Seafood Pesto by the way. Really nice. No regrets.

So here's a friend modelling the pesto for us. Just for fun, the plan is to actually show these pictures to our other friend who initially invited us. Mean of us, I know. LOL.

Okay so the Pesto we ordered is actually good for 2-3  pax but this one right here told us that the branch near them actually serve twice the amount for the same price.

But anyways.

This is a Cheeseburger Bacon pizza I believe. Might be ham. Whatever. LOL.

Ziti with Italian Sausage. This is probably my favorite! Like, I'm not a fan of red sauce but this is quite nice. Love the sausage in it too.

I mean just look at that cheese on top! Amazing. Another scoop from this friend though, she said that the casserole the branch near them serve, is taller than this one.

We actually can't help but feel cheated but we just said that we have to check out the branch near them and indulge on these stuff once again.

Because we all agreed that the food is actually good and worth coming back for. Nice, aye?

That's all! :)

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  1. Yum yum yum , I can tell you that there's nothing best except of spending time with mates in an eating place :)



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