Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fearless Forecast. The Voice Season 3.

Not really the winner yet. Let's give me some time to decide for that. LOL. Like my opinion counts. I mean, yeah but not really. These are my top 3. And yes! In particular order. ;)

As of this moment, there are currently 8 of them battling to be THE VOICE. So it's really kind of hard to choose already but whatevs. LOL.


Can I just say that I didn't know that she's that girl from Hey Monday. I'm not a fan of the band but I've heard of it. Awesome. I lurve! Love how perfect the above photo is. :))

Her voice is just as youthful as eff so I really like it. She sings from the heart. I really like how she can turn pop songs to rock songs. I like how she looks as well. I mean, on stage.

She reminds me of Lindsey Pavao from The Voice last season a little bit though. They kind of look alike.

But anyways. She's awesome. I hope she wins. Duh! That's why she's on the top of my list. LOL.

I don't really know if she's legitimate second because I kind of want her to win as well. That's also the reason why I included the title of the songs they sang on top of their pictures because I based their rankings on that. Also, based on my feels. Okay? I really like her style. It reminds me so much of my The Voice UK's FEARLESS FORECAST WINNER, Bo Bruce.

People who commented on her performances kind of said they don't like the breathy voice but for me, it's just a style. Unique kind of style. I said it's can get really annoying sometimes but you got to like the person to like the style. I don't know. And like I said before, I would prefer this kind of style over any copied styles.
And her hair is love!


This one is love! Like, really. His song is really something. And just like what his coach CeeLo said after the performance, he reminds me of a legend. Maybe himself.

Leon On Me is one of my favorite songs so maybe that's also why his performance really made an impact on me. Also, my mom's favorite.

That awkward moment when a man's hair is better than yours. TRUE STORY.

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